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Sakeboys invites visitors to explore Japan’s rice spirit

Sakeboys was formed with the intention of introducing the sake of Kyushu to the world. Kyushu is the third largest of Japan’s five islands and home to several sake breweries. At SIAL…

Family-owned Vegefarm innovates with veggie products

With a history stretching back 70 years, family-owned food manufacturer Vegefarm specialises in frozen vegetarian and vegan foods. The company boasts a range of more than 300 products and claims to be…

Fermented Fruits: adopting ancient tradition for a modern product

Fermentation is a process that dates back to around 6,000 BC. Fast forwarding a few thousand years, health and vitality outfit Famvital brought its Fermented Fruits product to SIAL Paris 2022, presenting…

Bold bubble tea with every drop made at the source in Taiwan

A self-proclaimed leading name in Taiwan’s bubble tea industry, Boba Empire has manufactured and supplied its country’s trademark beverage for over two decades. The company’s products are 100% made in Taiwan, including…