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Vegan Green Tuna like the real fish

Discover a species of tuna that will never be at risk of extinction with Vegan Green Tuna by Schouten Europe BV. The sustainable food is 100% plant-based and boasts a meaty texture,…

Try salmon jerky at SIAL Paris 2022

Latvian salmon specialist Queen Harbour is the company behind dried salmon jerky slices. The process for this unique product? Atlantic salmon is sourced from Norway, manually salted without preservatives or injections, dried…

PLNT introduces 100% plant-based salmon to SIAL Paris 2022 

Dutch taste innovators PLNT is pleased to present the latest addition to its range of meat and fish successors – plant-based salmon. The 100% plant-based salmon product is being unveiled at this…

Hersan’s pantry is full of new flavours at SIAL Paris 2022

Hersan is expanding its range of canned products to include roasted peppers in strips, allowing consumers to enjoy classic Mediterranean dishes with speed and ease. Ideal for entertaining or tapas, the food…