Clément Faugier’s sweet success: The impact of SIAL Innovation

June 20, 2024

Clément Faugier achieved a milestone at SIAL Paris 2022 by winning the Grand Prize in the Dairy Products category with their chestnut cream ice cream featuring pieces of glazed chestnuts. Jean-David Boiron, President of Clément Faugier, shares insights into their journey, the impact of their award-winning product, and their strategic evolution.

SIAL Innovation is a contest at SIAL Paris which highlights the most groundbreaking products in the food industry. Participation offers certified recognition, extensive media coverage, and business opportunities. It boosts visibility and connects participants with influential buyers and decision-makers, facilitating market growth and expanding reach for innovative products.

Jean-David Boiron recalls, “We have been part of SIAL since its beginning and have participated in SIAL Innovation several times. Our last entry was in 2022 with our chestnut cream ice cream. We were also selected in 2012 for two products and another time in 2006.”

The 2022 event was a resounding success for Clément Faugier. According to Jean-David Boiron, the trade show provided a unique opportunity to engage with a global audience. “The show was very positive for us. It allowed us to see all our importers and discuss with potential future clients. By offering tastings, especially of our ice cream, we received valuable feedback from both consumers and professionals,” he explains.

Winning the SIAL Innovation award brought significant benefits to Clément Faugier. Jean-David Boiron notes, “Being a winner increased our visibility in various media and brought more visitors to our stand.” This heightened attention not only validated their innovative approach but also boosted their brand recognition on an international scale.

Clément Faugier’s success can be attributed to the natural and authentic quality of their products. “We offer a very natural ice cream without additives, based on an iconic product from the world of canning, Clément Faugier’s chestnut cream. This ice cream introduces our chestnut cream into a new sales segment, that of frozen goods,” Boiron highlights. This blend of tradition and innovation has resonated with both existing and new customers.

The visibility from winning the Grand Prize had a tangible impact on Clément Faugier’s sales. “It allowed for new listings in stores and therefore an increase in sales,” Boiron reports. In terms of communication and marketing strategy, the company took proactive steps to capitalise on their win. “We issued a press release about the award,” Boiron adds, emphasising the importance of leveraging such accolades to enhance market presence.

Looking back, Boiron has only positive reflections on the company’s participation at SIAL Paris. “It was all positive—great visibility and faster product listings,” he concludes. The experience underscored the value of dedicated marketing efforts at trade shows and the substantial benefits of participating in prestigious competitions like SIAL Innovation.

Clément Faugier’s journey at SIAL Paris 2022 exemplifies how tradition and innovation can come together to create a product that not only wows consumers but also garners industry recognition and drives business growth. Their chestnut cream ice cream with pieces of glazed chestnuts stands as a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation in the dairy sector.

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