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Agriculture explains 90% of deforestation. It could be different if we wanted to, urges Claude Garcia.

Claude Garcia, a deforestation researcher and co-founder of Planet C, will speak at the SIAL Summit CSR in October on the theme “Why and how to accelerate RSE commitments in the agro-food industry?” In an exclusive interview, Garcia discusses the intricate links between deforestation and agriculture, and the urgent need for companies to adopt responsible practices to mitigate environmental impacts.

Building a sustainable food supply chain with data insights

In today’s fast-paced food industry, the supply chain is no longer just about moving physical goods from point A to point B. It also involves the seamless flow of digital information. Data has become a crucial asset, driving efficiency, transparency, security, automation, and sustainability across the food supply chain. This digital transformation is enabling the…

SIAL 2025: Elevate Your Strategy and Mark Your Calendar

Discover how integrating SIAL 2025 into your strategic planning can revolutionize your business approach, offering insights, networking opportunities, and a platform to showcase innovations

CSR Initiatives Cut Food Waste by 40% in Major Retail Chains

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts have led to a significant 40% reduction in food waste, showcasing the transformative impact of sustainable practices in major retail chains. In this exclusive interview, Alice Vachet, a CSR impact contractor and the eco-friendly podcaster behind "L'Empreinte," shares her insights on the journey and future of CSR in retail.

A conversation with Lydia Merrouche on pioneering organic agriculture in Africa for a better future

In this exclusive interview, Lydia Merrouche, Founder and Managing Director of Fossoul Agricole, shares her transformative journey from a legal career to spearheading organic agriculture in Algeria. With a passion for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming, Lydia has not only adapted to but also innovated within the agri-food sector. Her company, Fossoul, meaning 'season' in Arabic, epitomizes her commitment to producing organic fruits and vegetables while advocating for ecological responsibility.

Innovating with Heart: How LOEUL & PIRIOT is Transforming Rabbit Breeding

In agribusiness, standing out requires more than just excellent products; it demands innovation, sustainability, and a genuine commitment to animal welfare. Flora Derouineau, the dynamic Marketing and Communications Manager at LOEUL & PIRIOT, shares insights into their journey of transforming rabbit breeding practices, earning prestigious awards, and meeting consumer expectations.

Healthy: addressing the decline in health-focused food Innovations by 25%

Despite the growing focus on pleasure, the health axis in food innovations has seen a notable decline. According to recent data, the share of health-focused food innovations dropped from 33.2% in 2022 to 25.9% in 2023. This trend indicates a shift in consumer preferences and industry focus that food professionals must address to meet the demands for healthy options.

gen-z: driving e-commerce growth by 30%

Gen-Z is rapidly becoming a dominant force in the e-commerce sector, driving substantial growth and influencing market trends. According to a recent report, Gen-Z consumers are responsible for a 30% increase in online shopping activities over the past year. This generation's unique preferences and behaviors are reshaping how businesses approach digital sales and marketing strategies.

Waterway: driving emission reduction by 40% in the supply chain – the new paradigm

Understanding the impact of waterway innovation on logistics decarbonization. With a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, the inland waterway sector is leveraging innovation to achieve significant reductions in the carbon footprint of the logistics industry.

Google & AI: enhancing agrifood efficiency by 25% for the best

In recent years, Google & AI have become significant players in transforming the agrifood industry. The combination of cutting-edge technology with age-old agricultural practices has led to remarkable improvements in efficiency and sustainability. In this article, we will explore how Google & AI are reshaping the agrifood sector, highlighting key innovations, and discussing the benefits they bring to food professionals and the industry at large.

Nurturing the next generation: Ecotrophelia’s vision for sustainable food

Maarten Van der Kamp is a key figure in Ecotrophelia, Europe's premier competition for student-driven food product innovation. Ecotrophelia embodies a unique blend of eco-innovation and entrepreneurship, aiming to equip students with the necessary skills to address challenges within our rapidly evolving food system. This annual contest, often likened to a "Champions League" of food…

SIAL Paris 2024: Sold Out in record time with over 7,000 exhibitors and two new halls!

SIAL Paris 2024 is sold out! SIAL Paris 2024 has reached capacity with over 7,000 exhibitors, including two new halls, marking a record for the prestigious food industry event. The international food industry eagerly anticipates SIAL Paris 2024, which has achieved a significant milestone – it's sold out! The event, considered one of the world’s…
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