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SIAL Paris 2024 to celebrate its 60th anniversary

SIAL Paris promises an exceptional edition in 2024 as the world's largest trade show in the food industry celebrates its 60th anniversary. There will be lots of surprises in store for visitors! Poster of the inaugural international food show (Photo: It was a major event in 1964: the first Salon International de l'Alimentation (International…

SIAL Shanghai 2024: Boost your food business with diverse activities

SIAL Shanghai 2024 promises to be a smorgasbord of business potential, with a diverse range of activities designed to elevate your food industry experience. This premier food and beverage exhibition offers more than just product discovery; it's a platform for knowledge sharing, industry networking, and propelling your business forward.

Surging alcoholic drinks sector at SIAL Paris 2024: Unveiling a €1.1 trillion opportunity

Raise a glass to success at the world's leading food and beverage trade show. SIAL Paris 2024 promises to be a vintage year for the alcoholic drinks sector. With a thirsty audience of international buyers and a vibrant showcase of innovation, the show offers a unique opportunity for producers to elevate their brand and tap into lucrative new markets.

Navigating the future and unveiling innovation at the Food Supply Chain Summit

As SIAL Paris celebrates 60 years in 2024, the show has organised a series of SIAL SUMMITS that will tackle key issues impacting the agri-food industry. On 22 October the Food Supply Chain Summit will take place, delving into the food supply chain in the face of post-COVID-19, the current economic crisis and geopolitical upheavals. The Food…

Robotics revolution: How AI & automation are transforming the €7.5 trillion food industry

The food industry, responsible for feeding billions of people worldwide, faces a multitude of challenges. Climate change disrupts agricultural practices, consumer demand for fresh and convenient food intensifies, and food safety concerns remain ever-present. Thankfully, a wave of technological innovation – artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics – is emerging as a powerful solution

TOP Buyers Programme: Maximise your SIAL Paris experience with exclusive access & 5X networking power

Busy foodservice professional? Take your SIAL Paris experience to the next level with the complimentary TOP Buyers Programme. Enjoy VIP treatment, optimize your time, and connect with top-quality suppliers. Applications now open!

Championing diversity & inclusion in the food industry: Ingredients for success

In the melting pot of the food industry, diversity and inclusion can fuel innovation, employee satisfaction, and enrich customer experiences. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the food sector, from farm to table, is finding that embracing a rich tapestry of backgrounds and perspectives is not merely a moral imperative but a business one. The…

Unveiling the seafood sector at SIAL Paris 2024: A comprehensive insight

As the global food industry converges at the SIAL Paris 2024, the seafood sector prepares to showcase its breadth and depth. Amidst the wider event, this segment offers a focused lens on the marine offerings that are driving current market trends and consumer preferences. SIAL Paris serves as a meeting ground for industry professionals, where…

Sovereignty, diversity and food culture on the agenda for the African Food Summit

SIAL Paris, in addition to being one of the most important business centres for the agri-food industry in the world, is a place of discussion and innovation concerning all of the major issues and challenges facing the sector today. The African Food Summit will be an important part of SIAL Paris' summits in October this…

La Truitelle, towards zero impact on the sea!

Winner of the Meat & Seafood Products Award and the Public award at SIAL Paris 2022, La Truitelle offers eco-friendly gourmet preserves! La Truitelle brings an ecological solution to the seafood sector with its AB-labeled canned small fish. This is the first step towards a product that could, in the medium term, be guaranteed to…

Unwrapping the future: Innovations in food packaging across decades

In the landscape of the food industry, packaging plays a pivotal role in preserving freshness, ensuring safety, and enhancing consumer convenience. Over the years, the evolution of food packaging has been marked by significant advancements driven by technological innovation and changing consumer demands, namely today with growing environmental concerns. This article delves into the transformative…

SIAL Shanghai’s spotlight on innovation

SIAL innovation is a competition showcasing exhibitors' most innovative products.Since its inception, it has established itself as the must-attend competition for companies wishing to showcase their expertise in culinary innovation. Five advantages of participating : Take your product around the world and meet food industry experts on the World Champions Tour Gain greater visibility for your…

SIAL Paris 2024: Navigating the future of the savoury grocery industry

As the food industry undergoes continuous evolution, SIAL Paris asserts itself as the leading international platform for brands aiming to enhance their profile and broaden their market reach within the savoury grocery sector. Enabling key industry connections SIAL Paris is celebrated for its capacity to act as a facilitator of crucial meetings, with 89% of…
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