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SIAL BUSINESS HUB: A New SIAL Paris 2024 Offer Specially Tailored for New Exhibitors

SIAL Paris 2024 introduces the SIAL Business Hub, a unique offer tailored for new exhibitors. This initiative provides a dedicated space in the gallery of Hall 5A, ensuring that new participants can engage effectively with all show attendees. Enhanced visibility The SIAL Business Hub is strategically located in the gallery of Hall 5A, a central…

Sustainable supply chains in the agri-food sector

In the face of increasing environmental concerns, the agri-food sector is exploring innovative strategies to build sustainable supply chains The focus is on reducing food waste, optimising logistics, and ensuring that resources are used efficiently throughout the supply chain. This shift towards a "zero-waste" model is gaining momentum as businesses and consumers alike recognise the…

“We need to innovate with sensitivity, creating products that are healthy, sustainable, and culturally accepted”

Catalina Valencia, Head of Community at KM ZERO, delves into her background and pivotal role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She shares the insights into the objectives of KM ZERO’s partnership with the SIAL AI & Deeptech Summit and the transformative impact of AI and deeptech technologies on the food industry. Additionally, Catalina addresses the main…

“It is more than necessary to promote alternative narratives that value simplicity and resilience.”

In this exclusive interview, Fanny Parise, an anthropologist specialising in consumer issues and the contemporary world, shares her insights. She explores Western practices and their inherent contradictions. Her latest book, "Les enfants gâtés," critiques responsible consumption as a façade for sustaining hyper-consumerism

Discover Alim’Acteurs: Excellence in agribusiness human ressources practices

Alim'Acteurs, the competition for best human ressources (HR) practices in agribusiness, has announced its 2024 winners, highlighting their outstanding conduct and contribution to collective excellence through sharing and collaboration. National expansion and key focus areas Originally from Normandy, the Alim'Acteurs competition has expanded this year, allowing all French agribusinesses to participate through a partnership with…

Focus on African food summit speakers at SIAL Paris 2024

During the SIAL Paris trade show this year, several distinguished speakers will present at the African food Summits 2024, offering insights into various aspects of the agri-food industry. This event will highlight leaders and innovators in the field, showcasing their contributions and sharing their expertise

Nutrition and health trends: Expert insights into food, wellness, and sustainability

At the intersection of nutrition and health, industry experts Junghoon Moon, Karine Perrot, and Ariane Voyatzakis share their insights on evolving consumer trends, focusing on convenience, natural ingredients, and environmental impact

SIAL Innovation Shenzhen 2024: Join the innovation wave

SIAL Innovation Shenzhen is the ultimate platform for exhibitors to showcase their cutting-edge products and revolutionary ideas in the food and beverage industry.

Link up with top recruiters with SIAL Jobs at SIAL Paris 2024

SIAL Jobs is set to connect candidates and employers in the food industry at SIAL Paris 2024

The data revolution in supply chains: A burgeoning opportunity

According to Open classroom report, digital transformation is revolutionising supply chains

SIAL Insights: Embracing tomorrow’s innovations today

This year, SIAL Insights highlights the technological innovations that are shaping the future of the food industry.
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