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9# Food Industry: Approaching a Bright New Chapter?

In this episode of Food for Thought, Bryn discusses the subtleties with CEO of The Food Institute, Brian Choi. Brian speaks about the food industry trends and consumer behavior over the years.  The food industry is at a crossroads so what choices do we have to make?  Time-stamped show notes 00:00 ➡️ 04:30: industry news…

Discovering global food trends with SIAL Insights 2024

Visitors are invited to dive into the future of the food industry with SIAL Insights 2024. This comprehensive report, developed in collaboration with experts such as Kantar, ProtéinesXTC and Circana, highlights the profound transformations shaping the global food and foodservice sector.

SIAL Talks: A strong commitment to CSR at SIAL Paris 2024

SIAL is much more than just a trade event. With its SIAL Talks programme, it is a genuine catalyst for change, highlighting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Among this year's key conferences, the session dedicated to biodiversity attracted particular attention.

The dairy sector shines at SIAL Paris 2024

SIAL Paris 2024, a leading event in the global food industry, offers a unique platform for exhibitors from the dairy sector. This year, the show is highlighting the sector's dynamism and innovation. Among the exhibitors, the BEL Group and MaFondue stand out for their innovative offerings and commitment to quality.

SIAL Summit Africa: A showcase for African food innovation

The SIAL Summit Africa is positioned as one of the major events for African and global food industry professionals. Organised in parallel with the famous Salon International de l'Alimentation (SIAL), the Summit is entirely devoted to the challenges and prospects of the African food industry.

SIAL Innovation 2024: Discover the pre-selected products for a culinary revolution

Every year, SIAL Paris stands out as the must-attend event for food innovation. In 2024, the SIAL Innovation competition promises to tantalise taste buds and open up new culinary horizons with a selection of revolutionary products.

60 Years of SIAL: A global gathering of food industry leaders

Celebrating six decades of innovation, SIAL Paris continues to be an epicentre of the global food industry. Join over 285,000 professionals this year as they explore 400,000 products and innovations across 11 halls. SIAL Paris 1984 For 60 years, SIAL has been at the forefront of the global food industry, bringing together professionals, innovators, and…

SIAL Shenzhen fuels growth with over 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors

The SIAL network is set to make a significant impact with its second exhibition in China, SIAL Shenzhen. This event underscores the geographical and economic importance of Shenzhen, a city renowned for its rapid growth and innovative spirit. The exhibition is poised to create new business opportunities for food professionals globally, leveraging Shenzhen’s dynamic market…

Exciting innovations in alcoholic beverages at SIAL Paris 2024

SIAL Paris 2024 is set to highlight the alcoholic beverages sector, bringing together industry pioneers and key buyers in a unique setting designed to foster innovation and growth. With an impressive lineup of exhibitors and a focus on emerging trends, this year’s event is not to be missed. Lavish and Champagne J.M. Gobillard et Fils:…

Digitalisation is boosting food supply chain efficiency

In recent years, the food supply chain has witnessed significant technological advancements aimed at improving transparency, sustainability, and safety. As the demand for digitalisation grows, companies are leveraging technologies like blockchain and IoT sensors to revolutionise the industry.

L’Oréal sets new standards with sustainable ingredient cultivation

As the world pivots towards sustainable and ethical practices, L’Oréal has unveiled a pioneering vision for the future of beauty products, emphasising transparency, safety, and green science. Central to this vision is L’Oréal’s commitment to cultivating its own ingredients, setting a new benchmark in the industry. L’Oréal’s approach to transparency involves detailed disclosure of product…

Record-breaking SIAL Shanghai showcases global food innovations

In a grand celebration of global food and beverage innovation, SIAL Shanghai 2024 was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year’s event showcased over 5,000 exhibitors from 75 countries and regions, presenting more than 350,000 products. Unprecedented global participation SIAL Shanghai 2024 attracted 175,739 professionals from 110 countries, emphasising its importance as…

Clément Faugier’s sweet success: The impact of SIAL Innovation

Clément Faugier achieved a milestone at SIAL Paris 2022 by winning the Grand Prize in the Dairy Products category with their delectable chestnut cream ice cream featuring pieces of glazed chestnuts. In an exclusive interview, Jean-David Boiron, President of Clément Faugier, shares insights into their journey, the impact of their award-winning product, and their strategic evolution.
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