How SIAL Paris helped Thai Coconut Public Company transform their business

April 22, 2024

Thai Coconut Public Company found success at SIAL Paris 2022, not just through immediate sales, but by leveraging the trade show’s reach to build brand awareness and establish valuable connections.

Thai Coconut Public Company, a leading producer of coconut products, took their business to new heights after participating in SIAL Paris 2022. Napatsorn Chinpinklyo, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, spoke about their experience and how SIAL Paris played a crucial role in their success.

Thai Coconut Public Company
Napatsorn Chinpinklyo, Chief Marketing Officer, Thai Coconut Public Company Limited

Ms Chinpinklyo expressed her satisfaction with the event, highlighting the warm welcome they received from visitors and the significant interest generated by their products. This positive reception resulted in establishing promising contacts with potential business partners, propelling Thai Coconut Public Company towards future growth.

You took part in SIAL Paris in 2022. How did your show go?

The SIAL Paris 2022 exhibition was a very positive experience for our company. We were very satisfied with the event and received a warm welcome from the visitors. Our products generated a great deal of interest, and we had the opportunity to establish promising contacts with potential business partners. The feedback we received on our booth and products was extremely encouraging, reinforcing our confidence in participating in such events in the future.

Have you benefited from a “SIAL Innovation” effect?

SIAL Innovation was a real opportunity for our company. We were able to showcase our innovative product and attract visitors’ attention to our booth. It was a platform to introduce our company and our novelty to the market.

Have you noticed an increase in your sales following this award and the visibility it brought? 

Indeed, although the direct impact on our sales is not very significant, the recognition and visibility we gained from this award were extremely beneficial. Our innovative products often target niche markets, which may limit the immediate impact on sales. However, this distinction has strengthened the reputation of our company and brand, attracting more potential customers to our booth during the exhibition. This has paved the way for discussions and future opportunities that could translate into long-term sales.

How SIAL Paris helped Thai Coconut Public Company transform their business

What has contributed to the success of your brand? 

The success of our brand primarily lies in our ability to offer innovative products that meet the specific needs of our customers. We are constantly listening to their needs, allowing us to adapt our formulas or create new products tailored to their markets. Our commitment to introducing new ideas to the market sets us apart and reinforces our positioning. Ultimately, it is this customer-focused, innovation-driven approach that has contributed to the ongoing success of our brand.

And in retrospect, what did you take away from your experience at SIAL Paris?

Apart from meeting annually with our existing customers, the exhibition is the place where we can build more company and brand awareness among new potential customers. It is also a good chance to showcase our new product ideas and discuss further with customers to develop products together in the future.

SIAL Paris proved to be a transformative experience for Thai Coconut Public Company. By participating in the event, they were able to leverage the trade show’s reach to build brand recognition, establish valuable connections, and position themselves for future growth through customer-centric innovation.

Since 1996, SIAL Innovation has been a springboard for the winning companies and selected products, offering visibility before, during and after the show, and numerous contact opportunities. Exhibitors involved in SIAL Innovation are committed to re-invention and bringing a new wind to various markets. 
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