February 2, 2023

Plant-based alternative protein manufacturer No Meat Factory is expanding its production footprint in North America and will build out its manufacturing capabilities to service the global market as it seeks to increase access to affordable meat-free proteins for mainstream consumers.

The Canadian company recently closed a Series B funding round for $42 million which will allow it to make significant investments in its global research and development organisation that focuses on commercialising its latest processing innovations in alternative protein.

Founded in 2019, No Meat Factory has a state-of-the-art facility in British Columbia making plant-based alternative protein products for its brand partners, including meat alternatives for convenience products like nuggets and hamburgers, plus whole-muscle alternatives. Its second production facility, which will begin operations early this year, will further increase capacity and provide additional manufacturing capabilities for plant-based deli and sausage alternatives.

Demand for plant-based lines is growing

No Meat Factory

“The traction No Meat Factory has experienced in just a few short years is evidence that consumers want greater access to plant-based alternative proteins and brands are looking for ways to deliver quality at an affordable price,” said the company’s CEO and co-founder Dieter Thiem.

Between Thiem and the other co-founder, Leon Bell, they have over 65 years of combined experience in the plant-based food industry, particularly in plant-based meat production. As global demand for plant-based lines continues to grow, constraints in production become more visible and challenging. No Meat Factory believes that its new investments in the latest in manufacturing and processing technology and strong marketplace networking will give it an edge in alternative protein production.

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