March 9, 2021

The UK Government has announced enhanced financial support for the seafood industry with cash grants for seafood and aquaculture businesses across the UK.

In January, the Government made available €26.7 million for seafood exporters that suffered a financial loss because of delays related to the export of fresh or live fish and shellfish to the European Union during January 2021.

The Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs says that, having listened to concerns from fishing businesses across the UK, it will now expand the eligibility criteria to target catching and shellfish aquaculture businesses which have been affected by a reduction in demand from the hospitality sector in the UK and abroad, as well as disruption of exports to the EU. 

These expanded criteria will mean more businesses can get the support they need. The scheme, which is similar to last year’s Fisheries Response Fund set up in response to the coronavirus pandemic, opened last week and provides a grant payment to cover up to three months of average business fixed costs incurred between January and March 2021.

Environment Secretary George Eustice says: “Our fishermen are at the heart of many of our coastal communities and we recognise the impact of coronavirus and the end of the transition period on them. 

“This expansion of our €26.7m support package will ensure many more businesses can benefit from government support.”

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