Food processing, an essential sector at SIAL Paris 2024

March 27, 2024

The food processing section at SIAL Paris 2024 gives visibility to the sector while providing information about the latest trends in the industry.

Food processing methods transform raw food into new products. Food processing includes more steps such as the distribution through transport and services as well as catering. Food preparation and preservation helps to lower the potential of seeing fresh food deteriorating while also providing essential systems to boost the quality of the food and its benefits for health.

The food processing industry is currently undergoing transformative evolution, driven by dynamic shifts in the way consumers are evaluating food. This evolution includes looking at origin, sustainability, health concerns related to alternative diets and demand for “clean label” practices as well as technological advancements. The latter includes automation, the integration of AI, data analytics and smart manufacturing processes. All these technological progresses enhance the efficiency of companies while reducing costs.

The industry is witnessing in particular an irreversible movement towards sustainable practices. With consumers putting the environmental impact at the heart of their choices (or at least as an important deciding factor), the food processing sector must reevaluate their supply chains, packaging materials, production processes and capacities for minimising food waste through recycling.

Food processing, an essential sector at SIAL Paris 2024
Technology is part of the food processing sector (Photo: SIAL)

Exhibiting at SIAL 2024 in the food processing sector means (re)connecting with all the trends and advancement in this segment of the agri-food industry. SIAL brings together a wide community of professionals from the food sector. Over the decades the show has remained a key promotional highlight that helps exhibitors achieve wide media coverage and generate visibility among audiences inside the show and, by a ripple effect, outside the show.

SIAL Paris 2024 food processing sector will be divided into four main sections: Processes for the food industry; equipment for shops, institutional and commercial catering; food catering and finally, transport and services. At SIAL Paris’ last edition in 2022, 140 exhibitors presented their range in food processing of which 65% were international exhibitors.

According to figures collected by SIAL Paris, the global food processing market size was valued at approximately €55 billion in 2022. It is likely to reach approximately €369 billion by 2032, expanding at a CAGR of almost 12% during the forecast period. The market growth is attributed to the rising demand for processed food and advancements in technology in the systems.

From that number, 45% comes from food processing equipment, 38% from food service equipment and 16% from packaging. France’s food processing sector grew by 4% between 2021 and 2022 with 32% of production exported. SIAL Paris estimates that growth is exponential in this sector around the world thanks to countries such as China, Brazil, Indonesia or the Gulf area where demand is growing fast, driven by increases in disposable income.

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(Top photo: SIAL Paris)

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