April 2, 2021

Global Food Industries (GFI) is investing $8.2 million in a cooked food plant at its production facilities in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, as it looks to expand its ready-to-heat product range and market share.

According to Ahmed Bayoumi, the company’s CEO, the coronavirus pandemic has increased demand for the kind of ready-to-heat products the plant will specialise in.

More working from home, an increase in home schooling and the potential risk from food deliveries have, he said, made it harder for people to prepare three home-cooked meals a day.

“Such scenarios facilitated … consumer preference for convenience in food preparation, and rising demand for ready to heat and eat products,” he said.

“These trends serve as excellent opportunities for us to address the market’s need for safe, healthy, delicious and affordable cooked food products and further grow our business.”

This investment will also make it easier for the company to supply fast-food restaurants, because products will not have to be brought in from outside the country.

GFI, whose brands include Al Areesh, Al Ameer and Arctic Gold, was founded in 1992 and is part of the Albatha Group, which has interests in sectors ranging from automobiles to healthcare.

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