Unveiling the seafood sector at SIAL Paris 2024: A comprehensive insight

April 10, 2024

As the global food industry converges at the SIAL Paris 2024, the seafood sector prepares to showcase its breadth and depth. Amidst the wider event, this segment offers a focused lens on the marine offerings that are driving current market trends and consumer preferences. SIAL Paris serves as a meeting ground for industry professionals, where the seafood industry’s potential and challenges are both highlighted.

Exploring the diversity of seafood at SIAL Paris

SIAL Paris 2024’s seafood sector spans a wide range of products, catering to an international audience with varying tastes and demands. From fresh to frozen, and organic to ethically fished selections, the event promises a comprehensive look at what the seafood industry has to offer. The event reflects significant market trends, with salmon identified as a main growth driver, registering a 12% increase in 2021, and shellfish seeing a 5% growth in value in 2022. This diversity not only caters to current consumer preferences but also emerging dietary trends.

Connecting people and ideas

SIAL Paris 2024 is poised to facilitate connections within the industry, with 89% of its visitors playing a decision-making or influencing role within their organisations. This presents a prime opportunity for seafood producers to engage directly with buyers, distributors, and hospitality industry purchasers. The real added value lies in the potential to forge long-term partnerships and business deals, given the strategic planning and engagement of exhibitors.

Global reach and practical challenges

The international footprint of SIAL Paris is particularly relevant for the seafood sector, which is looking to expand its global market share. France alone represents the fifth largest seafood market globally, with a 4.4% market share, emphasising the importance of this event as a gateway to the European market and beyond. But navigating this global marketplace requires a nuanced understanding of varied consumer trends and regulatory landscapes.

The buyer’s perspective: A mixed bag of opportunities

For buyers, SIAL Paris is an indispensable resource, offering insights into a global industry valued at USD 624 billion in 2023, with an estimated CAGR of 5.6% between 2023 and 2028. The event’s scale allows for a unique overview of emerging trends, such as the significant increase in frozen seafood consumption, which accounted for 66% of fish consumed in Europe in 2022. However, the challenge lies in sifting through the vast range of products to pinpoint truly innovative and sustainable seafood solutions.

SIAL Paris 2024 stands as a noteworthy event for the seafood sector, offering avenues for exploration, networking, and expansion. The sector’s presence at the event is backed by compelling figures, from the global industry’s valuation to specific growth trends in salmon and shellfish consumption. While the event brings together an array of products and professionals, maximising the benefits of participation requires a strategic approach to engagement, whether one is exhibiting or attending with an eye towards procurement or partnership.

They will be there in 2024

The seafood sector at SIAL Paris 2024 will be a dynamic gathering place for key players in the industry. With an impressive lineup of exhibitors ranging from established market leaders to innovative startups, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a rich tapestry of products and services, whether they’re looking to discover the latest trends, find new suppliers, or network with industry peers, the exhibitors at SIAL Paris are set to provide a comprehensive overview of what the seafood sector has to offer.

Are you ready to dive into the future of seafood? Join us at SIAL Paris 2024 and connect with the pioneers shaping the industry’s tomorrow. For a sneak peek at who you can expect to meet and for more information on the exhibitors, click here to explore the exhibitor list. This is your gateway to discovering the innovations and partnerships that will drive the seafood industry forward.

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