April 21, 2021

Adeline Vancauwelaert, SIAL Director, says there is a great opportunity for the industry to take advantage of trends in order to accelerate their business. We asked her to tell us more.

More than ever, the food and beverage industry needs to adapt its production and distribution processes to keep up with the seismic changes going on globally. The sanitary situation due to the Covid-19 crisis is only the emerged part of the iceberg, as deep social transformations are happening in most countries. Consumers needs and minds are changing everywhere, as their way of life is evolving. There are, of course, very different situations depending on countries, but we are observing clear trends that we have summarised into our SIAL Insights white paper, downloadable on the SIAL Paris website, and located HERE.

How important is the launch of the SIAL Newsroom?
The SIAL Newsroom is of paramount importance to us. SIAL Paris is an unmissable event for the food industry. We want the same to be true for our year-round news service, and we are committed to this achieving this goal.

What led you to provide the Newsroom service for the industry?
It is our role to offer our partners and community the best solutions to enable them to make the right business decisions. It became evident to us that while a trade show is the best way for people to meet and move business forward, they desperately need access to up-to-the-minute industry information all year round. This led us to create a service – in partnership with Cleverdis – that would answer that vital need of the industry

How will you promote the daily content available in the Newsroom to the SIAL community
SIAL Newsroom will benefit from all SIAL social media platforms including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where we will push content and promote the Newsroom through dedicated communication plans. 

Additionally, we are using the homepage of the SIAL Paris website to push contents daily. We will use the strength of our network and our international agents to promote the Newsroom and its content in more than 50 countries.

Are there any other initiatives planned between now and the SIAL show in October 2022?
Of course! We are currently preparing our own evolutions and revolutions! Stay tuned to SIAL Newsroom, as in the coming months we will release great new features, events and initiatives to make SIAL Paris and the whole SIAL Network even more attractive and contributive to exhibitors and attendees alike.

What is your message to the industry?
We are deeply optimistic and full of energy for the coming months and years. All the SIAL team is joining me in a message of hope, eager to meet again in the aisles of our exhibitions, eager to generate great business for the whole industry, eager to #OwnTheChange even further.

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