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Two drinks giants, Italy’s Campari Group and Beam Suntory have entered into exclusive negotiations to respectively acquire and sell Courvoisier, through the 100% purchase of the share capital of Beam Holding France S.A.S. which owns the cognac brand.

Hauts-de-France, a strong powerhouse of the agri-food industry in France

Many associate the French food industry with the Southwest or the South of the country, Burgundy or the region around Lyon and the Alps. However, when it comes to the French agri-food industry, Northern France should not be overlooked. From major supermarket retailer Auchan to brands such as Bonduelle or bakery chain Paul, the Hauts-de-France…

Ahlstrom scoops top award for innovative paper-based pet food packaging

Ahlstrom, the fibre-based materials company, has scooped a top award for launching a more sustainable form of packaging. The European-based firm was recognised by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) for a range of packaging that uses fibre-based materials in place of plastic. The Innovation in Sustainability Award was handed to Ahlstrom after award…

Geographical Indications (GI) between China and the EU represent a major boost for the agri-food sector

In this look back at SIAL Talks, the focus is on the China-EU Agreement on Cooperation and Protection of Geographical Indications. This is China's first comprehensive and high-level agreement on Geographical Indications (GI) negotiated and signed with a foreign party covering hundreds of GI products from each side. The China-EU Agreement on Cooperation and…


Natural and organic grocery retailer Whole Foods Market has opened a new 4,600 square-metre store in Madison, Wisconsin, relocated to the Madison Yards real estate development from a previous site that served the state capital since 1996. Another store opening is planned in South Windsor, Connecticut on 17 January.

SIAL TALK: Revolutionising the food industry

In this SIAL Talk, the visitors of the show had the opportunity to attend the talk session of Emmanuel Fournet, Customer Success Leader France, Belgium and Netherlands, NIELSEN.

How blockchain is making waves in the food industry by cutting waste and improving consumer confidence

Traceability is key to maintaining the integrity of the food system and the increased use of blockchain is proving enormously useful for this, key industry players have said. Following scandals over food not being what it was labelled as being – such as originating from a country different to the one it was supposed to…

Healthy food habits one of the main targets of the USA Healthy People 2030 federal programme

How can the USA move into healthier diet practices? The Healthy People 2030 programme launched by the Biden administration focuses on helping people get the recommended amounts of healthy foods and calls for an active participation of both public and private stakeholders in the food industry. It remains a long-term goal according to the latest…

Ready-to-eat food market to reach 350 billion by 3032 driven by healthy options

The global ready-to-eat food market is projected to reach roughly €351.23 billion by 2032 with a 7.7% CAGR, according to Future Market Insights (FMI). This is driven largely by young consumers seeking authentic, nutritious, and convenient options to match their busy lifestyles, and a number of brands are around the world are answering this call.…

SIAL Talks 2022: Food traceability – How blockchain builds trust

This week’s look back at SIAL Talks features Matthieu Hug, co-founder and CEO of supply chain traceability and transparency platform, Tilkal, on the importance of blockchain technology in food traceability and how this builds trust among consumers. In his talk, Hug championed blockchain technology for helping those in the food supply chain to create transparent,…


Global fast-food operator McDonald’s Corporation has set its sights on growing its chicken business in the coming years as demand continues to increase.

How AI and machine learning are bringing major benefits to the food industry

Artificial intelligence or AI is finding application in an ever-growing range of industries – including the food sector. The ways in which it can be employed are many and various, ranging from ensuring compliance with food safety standards through to managing supply chains. According to reports, the pizza company Domino’s and the soup firm Campbell’s…
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