October 16, 2022

Protein power from Molino Spadoni

Molino Spadoni is showing SuperproteiN, boasting 30g of vegetable protein per 100g of product. It is made with Type 1 soft wheat flour enriched with linseed and sunflower seeds and is ideal for making bread and pizza. The product is being marketed as a good choice for those who are concerned about muscle tone, and for consumers and eateries attentive to health trends. The 5kg bag targets restaurants, pizzerias and bakeries. Also available from Molino Spadoni is XLL – Extra Long Rising, a flour available in 5kg and 25kg formats.

Unique selling points

  • Flour with 30% protein
  • Capitalises on the growing healthy eating trend
  • Sized for commercial premises
Hall 1 – Stand D156