October 16, 2022

Health fast becoming deciding factor for consumers SIAL Insights finds

SIAL Insights offers visitors access to eye-opening analysis of the world’s major consumption trends and their developments, with assistance from expert partners NPD, Kantar and ProtéinesXTC

The analysis centres around three themes: consumer expectations, product innovations and restaurant behaviour. Here, a look at how health remains a key concern for consumers, especially when deciding which foods to purchase.

According to SIAL Insights, 71% of consumers have made changes to their diet to improve their health. The research also found that 67% now eat a healthier diet, while 37% of consumers pay more attention to ingredients because they want to safeguard their health.

72% of respondents say they prefer to buy products that do not contain artificial additives, such as colourants or preservatives. As a result of these consumer preferences, SIAL Insights notes, the food industry has changed the composition of products or altered ingredients. Therefore, the sector has made available products that are free of GMOs, colourings or pesticides, or that are produced from animals that have not routinely been given antibiotics. “The withdrawal of certain additives or controversial substances to reassure consumers has become the norm,” the report notes.

The buying public has recognised these efforts, with a two percentage points increase, from 20% to 22%, in the proportion who say that companies are successful in guaranteeing the safety of products, when this year’s survey is compared to that of 2020.

There was a five-point reduction in the proportion of consumers determined to cut down on fat, sugar and salt during and since the pandemic, and the industry is replying to this demand. “When they are not reduced, they are replaced,” the report states. “Refined sugars are substituted by natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup), salt by spices, and natural salt with reduced sodium. In any case, these developments never come at the detriment of taste… quite the opposite.”

71% of consumers have made changes to their diet to improve their health

72% prefer to buy products that do not contain artificial additives

67% now eat a healthier diet