October 26, 2022

Galicia’s shimmering stand conveys image of excellence at SIAL Paris 2022

An impressive display of 14 companies showcased their ‘fruits of the sea’ under the supportive arm of the Xunta de Galicia in Spain. The local government invests in the food industry and helps businesses to increase their presence overseas. Perhaps the most photographed exhibitor, its stand in Hall 4 was decorated with a human sculpture, shimmering fabric and large sea creatures suspended from above.

Head of market services Ramón Damián Fernández Conchas explained it was designed to communicate an image of quality. “We have a magnificent, quality product and we are not modest. Galicia is an Atlantic region that lives off the sea. This also provides lots of secondary industries such as factories and canning so it is important we promote our product.

“We made lots of business contacts and are very pleased. We want to increase our presence by up to 30% at the next show.

“Last year, we recognised a new opportunity in the ready to eat sector due to changing consumer demand. Before, consumers wanted frozen seafood. Now they live more quickly and rely on ready to go food – and here we sell excellence, fresh from the sea. They also want sustainable, ecological and bio products which we provide.”