October 26, 2022

Sakeboys invites visitors to explore Japan’s rice spirit

Sakeboys was formed with the intention of introducing the sake of Kyushu to the world. Kyushu is the third largest of Japan’s five islands and home to several sake breweries. At SIAL Paris 2022, Sakeboys was looking to “convey the essence of traditional sake”, an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. The company already offers a curated selection of sake brands from Kyushu online which, once ordered, are sent directly to the buyer from the breweries where they are produced. To date, Sakeboys has worked with foreign importers and distributors who have a good understanding of Japanese sake. “Wherever we export, we always ship sake using reefer (refrigerated) containers in order to maintain the quality of sake,” states the company.


  • A specialist in sake from Kyushu
  • Curated online brands
  • A developing alcoholic drinks segment for western markets
Sakeboys invites visitors to explore Japan's rice spirit
Sake production (courtesy of Sakeboys website)