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Given the calibre of many of those presenting conferences and keynotes, where possible we not only give a précis of their conference, but also field exclusive comments that are specifically destined to our readers.


SIAL Paris 2022 excels with new benchmark for the future

Audrey Ashworth, Director of SIAL Paris, spoke to SIAL Daily about this year’s success and what the future holds The 2024 edition will mark the show’s 60th anniversary and will continue to…

United Nordic comes to SIAL Paris 2022 with a big team and big ambitions

The powerful Scandinavian food buying consortium is owned equally by Dagrofa (Denmark), Axfood (Sweden) and NorgesGruppen (Norway), with annual total sales of approximately €20 billion Find out what makes this influential buying…

Exceptional times will become the norm

In an exclusive interview with SIAL Daily, Philippe Mauguin, President and General Manager of INRAE (French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment), partner of this year’s SIAL Future Lab, shares…

Government applauds French agri-food industry

Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Marc Fesneau explains how France has navigated the recent challenges of the food industry with “flawless” resilience Mr Fesneau praises the country’s robust food chain and…

Choosing the world we want to live in

The internationally-renowned starred chef Mauro Colagreco, patron of SIAL Paris 2022, tells us more about his concept of circular gastronomy and his vision of tomorrow’s food Mauro Colagreco is the revered owner…

The value of elegance: Italian cuisine confirms its sustainable excellence

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) attends SIAL Paris 2022, presenting more than 220 first-rate Italian companies This delegation represents all the Italian regions and territories, putting value on their multifaceted savoir-faire, which…