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9# Food Industry: Approaching a Bright New Chapter?

In this episode of Food for Thought, Bryn discusses the subtleties with CEO of The Food Institute, Brian Choi. Brian speaks about the food industry trends and consumer behavior over the years.  The food industry is at a crossroads so what choices do we have to make?  Time-stamped show notes 00:00 ➡️ 04:30: industry news…

Spectacular Success at Malaysia’s 2023 Food & Drinks Showcase

The inaugural edition of Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL, held from 4-6 July 2023, at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur, marked a significant milestone for Malaysia's food and beverage (F&B) industry. The three-day event attracted over 8,000 trade visitors from 46 countries, showcasing the country’s growing influence and…

“Chefs have always been ambassadors for the gastronomy of their region”

In an exclusive interview, Giorgiana Viou, a Michelin-starred chef of Beninese origin, shares her thoughts on the evolution of African cuisine in the face of globalisation.

Africa in the spotlight with €14 billion in agri-food growth

SIAL Paris Showcases Africa's Expanding Culinary Influence and Sustainable InnovationsAfrica, the cradle of humankind, is rapidly growing its agri-food sector, with investments reaching €14 billion annually and potential to soar further, as showcased by SIAL Paris

Discover tomorrow’s food innovations at SIAL Paris 2024 with SIAL Start-Up innovation

SIAL Paris is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year by shining a spotlight on the future of the food industry. From the 21st to the 25th of October, nearly 150 innovative start-ups will converge in the Start-Up Village, a dynamic space designed for these young companies to showcase their ideas and pitch their projects to…

Asia’s evolution in food innovation: Trends and axes in 2024

According to a a report from Proteines XTC, the year 2023 has brought notable shifts in the Asian food market, reflecting broader global trends while catering to regional tastes and needs.

SIAL celebrates 60 years: A retrospective of food innovation

SIAL Paris, the largest food innovation exhibition in France, celebrates its 60th anniversary by revisiting the past six decades of food sector evolution, highlighting significant innovations and their impact on French dining habits.

Blockchain boosts food traceability

Blockchain technology is making waves in the food industry, boosting traceability efficiency by an impressive 30%. This secure and transparent method of recording data is transforming how food products are tracked from farm to table.

Foodtech: Revolutionising the future of food with 6 key trends in 2024

Explore the six key FOODTECH trends in 2024 that are reshaping the industry, from alternative proteins to advanced automation, ensuring sustainability and personalized nutrition for all.

Exploring open innovation in the food industry

François Deprey, Managing Partner at SprintProject, spoke to the SIAL Newsroom about the SIAL Survey on Open Innovation sent out to industry players recently. Open Innovation, as defined by Chesbrough, “encourages a more collaborative and open approach to innovation, where companies work with external partners to create value and remain competitive in the market.” Could…

Vegetables leading the way at SIAL Paris 2024

The global vegetables market reached a staggering value of $752 billion (approximately €696 billion) in 2023, demonstrating its crucial role in the food industry. With a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2% from 2023 to 2028, the vegetables sector is poised for substantial expansion. This dynamic growth will be a focal point at SIAL Paris 2024, where the latest trends, innovations, and market insights will be showcased for food professionals.

African Food Summit to explore growing agri-food innovation

The African Food Summit at SIAL Paris, scheduled for October 22, 2024, is set to highlight Africa's emerging trends in gastronomy and product design. This summit showcases the continent's resilience and innovation in agri-food amidst climatic and geopolitical challenges. Key discussions will include employment in agri-food, preserving Africa’s rich food heritage, and the influence of new-generation entrepreneurs on the industry. The event, featuring networking opportunities, promises to offer fresh insights and potential solutions for the global food market.

SIAL Innovation unveils amazing food innovations: 3 trends and insights to watch

SIAL Innovation is highlighting the latest advancements in vegetarian products, particularly meat substitutes, with promising trends emerging from the first selection round.
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