Memphis Meats, the cell-cultured meat, poultry and seafood start-up, has been rebranded as Upside Foods, a more consumer-friendly name prior to the launch of its first product: chicken.

Based in Berkeley California, the company says that, pending regulatory review, its cell-cultured chicken will be available later this year. Grown completely from animal cells, the chicken is real meat produced without the need to raise an animal. It is not a plant-based meat alternative.

John Mackey, CEO of Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market commented: “This has the potential to revolutionise the way people eat and is incredibly exciting. The world 20 years from now may be completely different due to Upside Foods, which is why I’ve personally invested in the company.”

Commenting on the name change to Upside Foods, Maria Occarina Macedo, director of brand and creative at Upside, said: “We want to become the preferred brand for the next generation of meat lovers. The future of food is all about activating the upside and our brand reflects the essence of what our product and company is all about: delicious, sustainable and humane meat for everyone.”

Chicken was chosen as Upside’s first commercial launch because it is becoming the meat of choice around the world. Upside has broken ground on a pilot custom-built plant in the San Francisco Bay area. The company claims the facility will produce, package and ship cultured meat at a larger scale than any other in the industry, all under one roof.

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