Innovation to take centre stage at SIAL Paris 2024 – with entries already being accepted in prestigious contest

February 12, 2024

SIAL Paris 2024 is still well over six months away, but excitement is already building around the flagship event, which will provide a showcase for innovation.

Innovation is something that many agri-food companies are focused on not just because of the types of commercial reasons that apply in every industry, but also because of wider issues affecting the sector.

Climate change and issues around sustainability are two of the key drivers for innovation in the agri-food sector, affecting everyone from growers to retailers.

As part of this focus on innovation, SIAL Paris – branded the world’s largest food innovation exhibition – has long championed start-ups, and a wide range of young and growing French and international companies will be at this year’s event.

Indeed, such is the importance of start-ups at SIAL Paris, which marks its 60th anniversary this year, that they have a hall dedicated to them at the show, Hall 6, which is named the Start-up Village.

These are companies that are responding, SIAL Paris organisers have said, to the demand for products that are better for the environment and healthier.

But innovation in the agri-food sector extends well beyond creating new products, important though such offerings are.

It also includes, and this will be on full display at SIAL Paris 2024, everything from reinventing the restaurant business to assisting manufacturers to cut down on food waste, the latter of which has become an increasing focus because of the environmental impact of food waste.

Innovation to take centre stage at SIAL Paris 2024 - with entries already being accepted in prestigious contest

Image credit: SIAL Paris

“Those which respond to the challenges of food delivery will also be present, as well as those that innovate in the retail sector,” organisers said.

As has been the case in previous editions, companies will showcase latest developments in sectors ranging from savoury grocery through to delicatessen, from food-to-go through to ready meals, from sweet grocery through to beverages, and much more besides.

What is more, the SIAL Innovation competition, which has been running since 1996, will again offer the chance for companies to showcase their creations. Good publicity is guaranteed for winners.

“By presenting its products at the SIAL Innovation competition, the exhibitor, if selected, ensures maximum visibility before, during and after the show,” organisers said.

The competition is open only to exhibitors, whether individuals or members of a group that is registered as an exhibitor.

One or more products may be entered into the prestigious contest, as long as each is an edible product for which the participant owns the intellectual property rights or has been authorised by the owner of the intellectual property rights to enter the competition. All products must comply with the laws of the country of origin or the country where the entrant is based.

Innovation to take centre stage at SIAL Paris 2024 - with entries already being accepted in prestigious contest

Image credit: SIAL Paris

An expert panel of professionals from the food industry considers entrants and decides which products are worthy of an award.

The selection committee, which is led by SIAL’s partner XTC, then passes on the products that impress it to a grand jury from the relevant sector. For each particular sector, the grand jury makes its selection of the most innovative products.

A platform for exhibitors interested in registering their products for the competition opened in January and will remain live until August.

However, SIAL organisers advise that exhibitors register for the SIAL Innovation competition as soon as they book their stands.

This is because selections are made on a rolling basis, so entering early gives the selection committee and the grand jury the maximum amount of time to consider any particular product.

The first day of this year’s show – Saturday, October 19 – will be the big day as far as the SIAL Innovation competition is concerned, as it is then that winners will be announced.

Another highlight of SIAL Paris is SIAL Talks – for more details, please click here.

Main image credit: SIAL Paris

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