May 10, 2022

Novel food concept Squareat – now available throughout the United States – is about to make its debut in Canada – as a stepping stone to other international markets.

The ready-to-eat products – essentially modular 45g squared portions of food made from fresh and quality ingredients that can be combined to create meals or complement other recipes – will be launched in Ontario in the coming weeks.

Something different: meals in squares.

“This is just the first step of our international expansion,” said chief operating officer Maria Laura Vacaflores. “We are so excited to witness our client base grow and we are more committed, every day, to making healthy eating easier, without sacrificing the taste.”

Expanded flavour range

Miami-based Squareat targeted $700,000 (€662,795) worth of funding on the Wefunder platform last year, as it aimed at expanding in the $6 billion meal plan delivery service market in the US.

“We have experienced first-hand the inefficiencies of traditional meal plan services and have seen a clear possibility of disruption in bringing a complete transformation to a sector that is growing tremendously. Thanks to the squared shape we are able to run a mass production while using gourmet techniques,” said Paolo Cadegiani, founder and CEO of Squareat.

Squares are precooked with 100% natural ingredients, are ready to eat (or can be warmed up), and can last for up to two weeks without any additives. Thermal-shock conservation, low-temperature cooking, and vacuum-seal packing all enable production at what the company says is an affordable price.

While focusing on cross-border expansion, Squareat has just widened its menu with new flavours. Existing lines such as chicken, beef, salmon, sea bass, broccoli and spinach, asparagus, chocolate pancake, hazelnut, and pistachio and cashew, will be complemented with vegan cheese, mixed beans and carrot cake.

Squareat transforms raw foods into ready-to-eat 45g squares.

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