Aleph Farms agrees deal to produce cultivated steaks in Singapore

March 10, 2023

Israeli cultivated meat producer Aleph Farms has signed a memorandum of understanding with Esco Aster to launch operations in Singapore

Aleph Farms, which is headquartered in Rehovat, has acquired a manufacturing facility in its home country, having bought assets from VBL Therapeutics.

CEO and co-founder Didier Toubia said that Israel and Singapore were the first two markets where the company planned to launch its cultivated thin-cut steaks.

“Building up production capacity quickly in those locations while keeping capital investment lean provides a clear roadmap to scalability,” he added.

“Beyond Israel and Singapore, we plan on building additional strategic assets worldwide as part of our effort to bring more security and resilience to food systems.”

Aleph Farms
Cultivated steaks are said to differ little from those produced normally | Credit: Charlie Solorzano

Contract manufacturer Esco Aster has approval from the Singapore Food Agency to produce cultivated meat. CEO Xiangliang Lin said the firm was proud to be working with the Israeli firm “to bring its cultivated steak to Singapore.”

He continued: “As part of our contract manufacturing MOU, we will work together with religious authorities on obtaining a halal certificate for our facility, enabling our collaboration with Aleph to expand to even more of the broader region.”

Aleph Farms was founded in 2017 and is a collaboration between Mr Toubia, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Strauss Group, a food company. As reported by Sial Paris Newsrooom, the company previously signed MOUs with companies in Thailand and South Korea as it looks to secure sales in Asia.

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