With visa-free entry, SIAL Shanghai and Shenzhen expect 25% more visitors!

April 26, 2024

China’s visa-free policy is opening doors for food professionals at major international events

SIAL Shanghai and Shenzhen are set to become more accessible than ever. Thanks to China’s new visa-free policy for attendees, these top-tier events are anticipating a significant uptick in global participation, with a projected 25% increase in visitor numbers.

Both SIAL Shanghai and Shenzhen have long been pivotal stages for showcasing global food trends and innovations. These exhibitions draw a diverse audience, including thousands of exhibitors from over 70 countries. The removal of the visa requirement for numerous countries is a strategic move to enhance interaction and collaboration among international food professionals, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and opportunities.

This visa-free initiative is particularly tailored to facilitate a smoother and more efficient entry process for attendees. By removing the often cumbersome and time-consuming visa application process, China is making a clear statement about its commitment to international trade and cooperation in the food sector. This policy not only eases access but also significantly enriches the attendee experience, allowing more time to focus on networking, discovering new products, and participating in discussions and seminars.

The ease of access is expected not only to increase attendance but also to enhance the overall quality and scope of the exhibitions. Participants can look forward to a wealth of knowledge and contacts that could shape the future of their businesses and careers.

For those interested in being part of these two industry events, securing tickets early is recommended. With the anticipated increase in attendance and the ease of access, SIAL Shanghai and Shenzhen promise to be more than just exhibitions; they are opportunities to engage with the global food industry at the cutting edge of innovation and market trends.

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