SIAL For Change 2024 showcases pioneering sustainable initiatives

April 25, 2024

Unveiling the transformative potential of sustainable practices, SIAL Paris 2024 is introducing ‘SIAL For Change’—a beacon for responsible business.

In the world of the food industry, the push towards sustainability has taken centre stage, exemplified by the new ‘SIAL For Change’ award at SIAL Paris 2024. This pioneering initiative celebrates the commitment of food companies to a sustainable future, merging corporate responsibility with innovation to forge a more equitable and environmentally-friendly world.

‘SIAL For Change’ is not just an award; it’s a movement. Launched in partnership with the CSR agency Hyssop, this accolade is part of SIAL Paris’s ongoing #OwnTheChange campaign, emphasising the event’s commitment to fostering sustainable business practices across the global food industry. Open to all exhibitors registered for SIAL Paris 2024, the award aims to highlight those who integrate sustainability into their business model, setting a precedent for others to follow.

Criteria and participation

Exhibitors at SIAL Paris are encouraged to align with five major CSR axes, covering internal management, responsible procurement, social issues, consumer health, and waste management. Participation in this award is included in the exhibitor package, offering a unique opportunity to showcase innovative products and practices to a vast network of industry professionals. The selection process, meticulously designed by Hyssop, focuses on companies that not only meet but exceed CSR benchmarks, leading by example in the industry.

Benefits of participating

Engaging in ‘SIAL For Change’ offers a rage benefits. Firstly, it offers increased visibility within the industry. Selected exhibitors will be highlighted in the online catalogue and can proudly display the ‘Selected – SIAL For Change 2024’ logo, signaling their commitment to CSR. Moreover, winners and participants gain substantial media exposure both during and after the event, enhancing their brand image significantly.

Secondly, this platform offers a unique opportunity to receive recognition for sustainable efforts. Being awarded at SIAL Paris sends a powerful message to consumers and peers alike about a company’s dedication to sustainable development, influencing industry standards and consumer expectations.

Engaging with peers and consumers

Participation also allows companies to lead by example, inspiring others within the industry to adopt similar practices. It fosters a community of learning and innovation, where businesses can share best practices and learn from one another, enhancing the collective impact on societal and environmental challenges.

Furthermore, consumers are increasingly mindful of the social and environmental footprints of their purchases. By demonstrating a strong commitment to CSR, companies not only meet these growing consumer demands but also build deeper trust and loyalty, turning responsible practices into competitive advantages.

Working towards a sustainable future

The ‘SIAL For Change’ initiative not only recognises the efforts of individual companies but also promotes a broader movement towards sustainability in the food industry. By celebrating these commitments at one of the most significant global food events, SIAL Paris is positioning itself—and its exhibitors—at the forefront of the industry’s transformation towards sustainability.

Join us at SIAL Paris to witness how ‘SIAL For Change’ will award most significant shifts towards sustainability in the food industry.

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