Bubble iT! ending disposable plastic bottles for beverages

March 25, 2024

Recipient of the Grand Prix Start-Up at SIAL Paris 2022, Bubble iT! is putting an end to disposable plastic bottles as it offers powdered preparation for fizzy beverages

Bubble iT! is offering a creative and innovative solution for a new way of creating sparkling drinks without buying plastic bottles of water or using machines. Back in 2018, two young French entrepreneurs, Jean-Michel Ginebre and Antoine Gillain, decided to propose an alternative to drinking sparking water from plastic bottles. Bubble it! was born and took off in 2020.

Bubble iT! ending disposable plastic bottles for beverages
(Photo: Bubble iT!)

Bubble iT! brings an ecological solution to the beverage sector with a powdered preparation for a good and healthy fizzy drinks aiming to limit the use of plastic bottles.

With Bubble iT!, consumers or companies can produce their favorite sparkling beverage using tap water without requiring any device (or cartridge), and eliminating the need for plastic bottles (no waste or carbonated transport). Bubble iT! offers consumers a healthy option with no sugar, sweeteners or additives.

For companies, Bubble iT! has imagined a vegan bottle, which can be personalised with the company’s logo and consequently helps eradicate the use of plastic bottle on their own premises. Bubble iT! can then be promoted with the special beverage presence in the company canteen or on meal trays.

SIAL News spoke with Antoine Gillain, Co-founder of Bubble iT!, to discuss the solution’s innovative approach.

You participated in SIAL Paris 2022. How was the show for you ?  

Our participation in the show was a great success. Our stand was never empty. We met a lot of people interested in our beverage solution from the business, press and service sectors. 

Have you benefited from the ‘SIAL Innovation’ effect?

Definitely! Our Grand Prix Start-Up, the most prestigious award for a young company, certainly raised our profile. Selective ministerial and press tours at SIAL Paris passed by and stopped at our stand. Our breakthrough innovation in beverage was spotted by many thanks to the SIAL Innovation Award.

Have you noticed an increase in your sales as a result of this award and the visibility it brought?  

Our objective in coming to SIAL Paris was not to sign any orders, but the significant media presence that followed could only help us raise our profile. We noticed an increase in traffic to our website, and strong interest in our brand and products from various professionals as well as retailers.

What’s the secret behind the success of your brand?

I think it’s the level of disruptive innovation and the ecological trend that it’s part of. The aim of our product is to reduce the production of disposable plastic bottles.

Bubble iT! ending disposable plastic bottles for beverages
(Photo: Bubble iT!)

Have you changed your growth development model since 2022?    

After our first steps in supermarkets at the end of 2022/beginning of 2023, we decided to evolve our packaging with more colour and simpler messages. We also upgraded our offer, with the creation of an initial pack containing the plant-based bottle, for much greater visibility on the shelf and to guarantee a better consumer experience.

Looking back at SIAL Paris 2022, what did you take away from your experience?

SIAL Paris gave us a unique opportunity thanks to the prize we won in the SIAL Innovation competition, which gave us enormous visibility!


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Top photo credit: Bubble iT!

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