A new step towards the Great Food Debate with Make.org

February 24, 2018

World food professionals have submitted solutions to empower the collective intelligence. See you at SIAL Paris where the best proposals will be transformed into concrete actions!

This consultation is now closed

6500 food professionals from around the world have committed themselves to SIAL Paris to initiate a new dynamic of transition, reinvention and global social responsibility. Thank you for your participation! The French and international consultation phase is now over and a global analysis work is underway. The results will then be available on this page.

Health, transparency, ecological responsibility, “food justice” … Faced with the expectations of increasingly committed consumers and the strong growth of the world’s population, the stakes of transformation and reinvention of the food industry have never been so high.
As food professionals, we are calling for the implementation of our collective intelligence and the emergence of community solutions for a diet that is healthy, balanced, accessible to the greatest number of people, respectful of the environment and socially fairer.

Major stepsJanuary, 20th 2020
Beginning of the French consultation
April 7th, 2020
Beginning of the international consultation
June 2020
Overall results will be shared
From 18 to 22 October 2020
During SIAL Paris, companies, experts and key witnesses will transform the best proposals into concrete actions.

SIAL Paris & Make.org : a strong partnership for a great cause

In France, food has become a major source of concern. Some people don’t eat enough, or not well enough. Others are wary of what they might find on their plates and are looking for food with real ecological and social credentials. It’s time to ensure. everyone has access to a healthy, balanced diet. It’s time to produce food that respects the environment and preserves the sustainability of our agricultural industries. That’s why SIAL Paris has joined Make.org to “Take Action for Better Eating”.

A new step towards the Great Food Debate with Make.org

Last year, to kick off this great cause, make.org and its partners launched a public consultation online, asking all French citizens for their ideas on how to enable everyone to eat better. During April and May 2019, thousands of people submitted proposals and voted on their favorites. As a founding member of this important initiative, SIAL Paris will be hosting a dedicated workshop to develop the best of these proposals at our much-awaited exhibition in October – and, in the lead up to the event, we are inviting food professionals to participate in the Great Food Debate.

The Great Food Debate: a collective effort for global impact

Today, SIAL Paris is mobilizing food professionals, in all their diversity across the globe, around this major cause through the GREAT FOOD DEBATE. A vast consultation which started in France on January 20th, 2020 and has been rolled out to rest of the world during the year. The aim is to leverage our collective intelligence by inviting everyone to propose solutions and develop concrete actions to bring healthy food to the greatest number while respecting the environment.

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