February 25, 2018

SIAL PARIS, business generator, innovation catalyst and the biggest agri-food trade fair in the world announces its returns to Paris Nord Villepinte.

The 2020 edition will launch a new dynamic by opening debate around a powerful and unifying theme: #Own the Change. At a time of transitions, reinventions and global social responsibility, SIAL Paris is reaffirming its ambition by uniting food professionals around the major transformations taking place in the industry.

As the sector reinvents itself to rise to the environmental, ethical, digital and demographic challenges of a world in movement, SIAL PARIS 2020 will be giving its 7,200 exhibitors and 310,000 visiting professionals the tools they need to master the issues and become drivers of change in their own right. SIAL Paris will be by their side to surmount the obstacles and is inviting each of them, in their own way, to become advocates for the positive, sustainable future of food.

Our rapport with food is changing and we are having to make new choices. There is now an urgent need to re-think our relationship with agriculture and the transformation and distribution of products to deliver consumers an experience that makes sense. At the SIAL, we believe that business performance is only meaningful if it brings improvements to health, the environment and society as a whole. Our role is to understand, analyze and incite change by giving our exhibitors and visitors, who are the first to be affected, the keys to create the solutions of the future 

Nicolas Trentesaux, CEO SIAL Global Network
Transcending product innovations to champion new solutions.

We will always need to eat, so farming and food processing will always have a future.  But the changes impacting these sectors are huge. Between now and 2030, the worldwide population will rise from 7.6 to 8.6 billion – an increase that represents an immense challenge for the food community. While ensuring there’ll be enough to feed everyone obviously comes before innovation, there are new paradigms that have to be taken into account : producing more while polluting less, exploring new supply sources, becoming more transparent…

We have to find new solutions that respect people and the environment. We have to re-invent our distribution formats, logistics chains and food processing systems. In 2020, the SIAL is urging the food community to seize the reins of change and prepare for battle by imagining, during the Paris event and beyond, the solutions of the future.

Working for and with the global food community

Though a series of conferences and special events featuring high-profile international speakers, SIAL Paris will give a voice to the crucial issues to engage the global food community: packaging (bulk, recycled, zero waste, zero plastic…), urbanization (local, produced close by…), health (tomorrow’s ingredients, functional food, alternative proteins…), technology (food-tech, traceability, blockchain…). We will be by its side throughout the year in the lead up to the 2020 edition.

A new direction for a definitively unmissable SIAL

Beyond this powerful theme, SIAL’s promise to “inspire food business” will be brought to life in 2020 by giving retailers, buyers, producers, suppliers, importers and wholesalers around the world the chance to meet and collaborate effectively. As always, product innovation will be at the heart of the event thanks to the SIAL Innovation awards. The jury will be taking the “Own the Change” theme into full account during its decision-making process. The future of food will be presented in the Future Lab, which promises to be more inspiring than ever and, because it’s a fantastic accelerator for business as well as visibility, we will be giving a special welcome to young Food-Tech entrepreneurs and the innovations that will revolutionize the way we produce, consume and inform ourselves about food in the years to come.

Leading culinary talents will take the stage in La Cuisine, which will be totally reinvented for the occasion, and French gastronomy will shine thanks to an exceptional ambassador, the Breton chef and first triple-starred female chef in the United States, Dominique Crenn.

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