How to reduce simple sugars in berry fruit juices? Better Juice takes a closer look…

April 19, 2023

In this exciting endeavour, FoodTech start-up Better Juice completed a series of pilot trials in partnership with GEA Group, one of the largest suppliers for food processing technology

The trials, held at GEA’s innovation center in Ahaus, Germany, involved several prominent berry fruit juice manufacturers from around the world. The companies tested Better Juice’s proprietary sugar-reducing beads, made of non-GMO microorganisms, to reduce the simple sugar content by 30% and 50% across a range of fruit juices. Better Juice’s sugar-reduction technology was able to convert the juice’s composition of sucrose, glucose, and fructose into prebiotic oligosaccharides and other non-digestible fibres while preserving their natural complement of vital nutrients.

The feedback from the trial was promising, and several companies expressed a strong interest in continuing to work with Better Juice to bring sugar-reduced berry fruit juices to the market. The start-up is currently in advanced discussions with several major US-based fruit juice companies to install its technology in their juice production systems. The company projects that sugar-reduced berry fruit juices will reach the shelves early next year. The pilot facility was established last year in GEA’s innovation center in Ahaus, Germany, and has hosted dozens of companies from all over the world to test their juice brands on Better Juice’s technology.

Better Juice‘s sugar-reducing technology has been designed to handle pulp, ensuring it remains in the juice, eliminating the need for filtering. This helps preserve the nutritional benefits of the fruit and delivers a satisfying texture that consumers love. The company was founded in 2018 as one of the first start-ups to be nurtured by The Kitchen FoodTech Hub.

Board member and CBO of The Kitchen Hub Amir Zaidman comments: “Better Juice brings a new hope for juice manufacturers and consumers by reversing the perception of natural fruit juices as overly sugary products and turning juices into better-for-you beverages.”

Better Juice
Credit: Element5 Digital

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