Oreo Joins Forces with Super Mario for a Cookie-Based Quest

July 12, 2023

Mondelēz, the parent company of snack brands Oreo and Chips Ahoy!, has partnered with Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario franchise in an exciting collaboration.

The joint venture aims to captivate younger generations and maintain the relevance of its brands in a digital age, as the company continues to shift its marketing strategies away from traditional linear TV advertising. With a surge in demand for their snack products and the recognition of Chips Ahoy! as a top Gen Z brand celebrating its 60th anniversary, Mondelēz is riding high on a wave of success.

This flavorful adventure concocted by Super Mario and Oreo translates the virtual world of the game into reality through an engaging cookie-based scavenger hunt. The pre-sale of these special limited-edition cookies commenced on June 26, with nationwide availability in stores starting from July 10. The cookies are embossed with randomized designs, possibly enticing consumers to purchase multiple packs in the hopes of discovering rarer types—a reflection of the game’s nature, where players often encounter challenging obstacles like Bowser.

The storyline created through this collaboration mirrors the classic Super Mario games, where Princess Peach goes missing, and the Mushroom Kingdom is in peril. Players are tasked with locating and defeating Bowser to save the princess and restore harmony to the kingdom. By blending the elements of gameplay with a real-world treasure hunt, Oreo and Super Mario offer fans a unique and immersive experience.

Oreo has been actively engaging in digital marketing campaigns, with recent collaborations including a partnership with lifestyle guru Martha Stewart for her metaverse debut. In this unique collaboration, consumers had the opportunity to explore an Oreo-themed virtual space and participate in mini-games for a chance to win prizes. Stewart even live-streamed her exploration of the Horizon World’s activation, generating buzz and promoting the limited-edition cookie.

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