How Animal Feed Enzymes Are Revolutionizing Livestock Nutrition

July 11, 2023

The global animal feed enzymes market is witnessing significant growth and is projected to expand considerably in the coming years.

This surge is primarily driven by growing concerns about animal diseases and the inability of animals such as swine and poultry to digest a significant portion of their diet due to non-degradable harmful elements in feed ingredients.

The increase in livestock production, particularly poultry, swine, and fish, has fueled the demand for animal feed enzyme products. Livestock farmers are seeking feed ingredients that enhance the quality of their animals, leading to a further boost in the market. Animal feed enzymes offer various health benefits, including improved energy levels and enhanced metabolism, which contribute to the market’s growth.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted industries worldwide, the animal feed enzymes market has not been severely affected compared to other sectors. The pandemic has served as a growth driver for essential food and medical products, but it has hindered the growth of pet and livestock sectors to some extent.

Key players in the animal feed enzymes market include Novozymes A/S, Amano Enzyme Inc., Biocatalysts Ltd., Chr. Hansen A/S, BASF SE, AB Enzymes GmbH, Adisseo France SAS, DSM Nutritional Products, Biovet JSC, and Danisco Animal Nutrition (DuPont).

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