June 23, 2021

Carrefour Brazil has announced the launch of the Nutri Choice tool, a feature of the My Carrefour app, which helps consumers to choose products that are not only more nutritionally balanced, but cheaper at the same time.

Launched with the aim of leading the democratisation process for a balanced diet in Brazil, The new system is already available on the network’s app, both for Android and iOS, as well as the site.

Recent research showed that nutritional information can help the consumer to make more informed choices in order to change dietary habits.

Luis Moreno, Chief Executive of Carrefour Retail, said: “Carrefour believes that empowering its customers with this data, simply and intuitively, is the first step towards a more effective dietary transition.”

Nutri Choice uses a two-step algorithm. The first, based on the independent Nutri Score methodology, translates the nutritional table into a score that is easy to understand, which classifies the products from A to E. 

The second phase considers the prices of the products in the Carrefour physical or e-commerce stores. The tool cross-checks data, providing suggestions of items in the same category with a better or similar nutritional score and at a better price.

Paulo Farroco, Chief Information Officer of the Carrefour Group, said: “From the start of the project, we have involved multidisciplinary teams from technology, innovation and marketing which were committed transversally, providing flexibility in developing the solutions that now guarantee the integral and positive experience which Nutri Choice represents – friendly browsing, with an intuitive layout and aimed at solving customers’ issues.”

App features
For customers already registered in My Carrefour, who shop in the network’s stores or e-commerce, when using the Nutri Choice application it will display a feature called List of Suggestions, containing the customer’s recent purchase history and offering cheaper alternatives with the same or better nutritional score. 

In addition, this list will also show the possible discount percentage, considering only products eligible for Nutri Choice, with the consumer deciding how much they want to save.

For its launch, there are more than 16,000 products available in the tool, divided into 70 categories of perishables and FMCG. In addition, gluten- and lactose-free products are also highlighted.

Moreno said: “We won’t tell the customer what they should or should not buy. We will empower them with options that combine nutritional value and low prices. With Nutri Choice we are emphasising to the consumer that by presenting the products in an easy way, it is possible to eat better while spending less.

“We want to position ourselves increasingly as leader of the dietary transition movement in Brazil and we believe that technology and innovation are strong allies in achieving increasingly interlinked formats, providing an easy and comfortable shopping experience for our customers, while boosting opportunities for connection and loyalty to our brand.”

Created by France’s Ministry of Health in 2017, Nutri Score is the most widespread nutrient profiling methodology in the world.

The evaluation system is composed of five letters and five colours which measure the values of the product’s nutrition table. Always compared in a portion equivalent to 100g/ml, these values are incorporated in a scientific algorithm, which considers the nutrients to be promoted – fibres, proteins and percentage of fruit, assorted vegetables, nuts and oils; and those which should be consumed in moderation – energy value per portion, sugars, saturated fats and salt.

The system generates a profile that summarises its entire meticulous evaluation in a single score, from A (choices with the best nutritional profile) to E (choices to be consumed in moderation).

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