August 25, 2022

The PepsiCo company is taking Doritos, its popular triangle shaped snack, to another level with a series of virtual challenges.

Doritos is sending crisp lovers on a nationwide snack hunt where any triangle shape can unlock exclusive experiences and rewards. The company is using Snapchat and TikTok to communicate clues and messages with those participating in the challenge.

Snapchat’s AR lens will convert any real-world triangle into the tasty snack in the campaign which also features weekly TikTok challenges, with triangle trackers everywhere. The brand is taking over famous triangular landmarks in New York, Atlanta and Memphis Tennessee, making it easy for anyone to join the hunt.

Dubbed the Triangle Tracker, the hunt comes with a chance to win $250,000 (€250,264) with exclusive prizes from GUESS Originals, Xbox, Vivid Seats, and more. It uses Fortnite Creative Mode to create Doritos Triangle Island and even drop unexpected three-sided Easter eggs throughout the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28.

Senior vice president of marketing Stacy Taffet said: “Doritos has always been known for its iconic, bold flavours, but this year we’re leaning into another part: its iconic triangular shape.

“What better way to engage our creative fanbase than by encouraging them to think of Doritos whenever they see a triangle in the real world?”

How to start tracking Doritos

Anyone anywhere can participate in the US hunt, with fans unlocking opportunities to win every day by using the Snapchat Triangle Tracker AR Lens. Users simply need to point the lens at any triangle, including even those on Doritos bags, and Snap’s Machine Learning technology will recognise it and turn it into the crisp. Snapchat will then generate a code and send Snapchatters to the Triangle Tracker website to claim their prize, including Doritos products, exclusive merch from their favourite brands, or the $250,000 grand prize.

In a separate TikTok challenge, Doritos will issue weekly tasks for the chance to win $15,000 bounties. This isn’t just a game of luck, the brand wants triangle trackers to be bold and seek out the most interesting and creative triangles in the world.

Doritos and Bass Pro Pyramid, Memphis, TN, USA
The Bass Pro Pyramid in Memphis Tennessee. Credit: Joshua J. Cotten

Participants are encouraged to post their video submissions on TikTok tagging @Doritos #DoritosTriangleTracker #Contest with a chance to take home rewards.

The first challenge kicked off on Wednesday when the company took over three iconic triangular buildings including West 57th Street in New York, Bass Pro Shop in Memphis Tennessee, and 101 Marietta in Atlanta. Two more challenges will then drop every Wednesday until mid-September.

A spokesperson said: “If fans didn’t already know that some of their most beloved brands have triangles in their logos, they won’t be able to unsee them now.

“Use the Snapchat AR Lens to scan the triangular brand logos of Xbox, Vivid Seats and Guess to unlock epic prizes, and be on the lookout during the MTV VMAs for triangular Easter eggs to unlock prizes.”

Prizes include:

  • Xbox: Gamers everywhere can level up their gameplay by scanning the Xbox logo and unlocking a custom Doritos controller skin.
  • VMAs: Doritos is teaming up with rapper Offset of the chart-topping Migos to be featured in exclusive content to kickstart the Triangle Tracker program in a major way at the 2022 “VMAs” on August 28. Watch surprise artists and be on the lookout for a few special triangles for the chance to win tickets to the 2023 “VMAs.”
  • GUESS Originals: GUESS is unlocking the staple of the season with a limited-edition Doritos-inspired jean jacket, complete with branded patches to spice up any outfit.
  • Vivid Seats: The next concert music aficionados attend might be covered by Doritos, all by scanning the Vivid Seats logo. The prize will also include an exclusive a Concert Kit, packed with all the Doritos-branded goodies to ensure the best concert experience.

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