Ecolean in top 1% of most sustainable companies

May 10, 2023

Ecolean, which specialises in producing lightweight and eco-friendly packaging solutions, was once again recognised for its efforts by EcoVadis

The world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings assesses over 100,000 companies yearly from 175 countries and 200 industries. For its dedicated and continuously extending sustainability work, Ecolean was awarded the highest EcoVadis medal of Platinum for the third year in a row.

Third-party assessments for sustainability verification are essential for companies that align with green development, providing a benchmark and guidance on how to improve performance even further. In recent years, low-carbon packages supplied by producers with sustainability high on the agenda have become one of the most significant factors for adopting sustainable development practices in the FMCG food industry.

Ecolean’s unique packaging system has always been lightweight and resource-saving, which is the very reason why many of their customers choose them. Anna Svensson, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ecolean, said, “The 2023 EcoVadis rating gives extra credit to our always on-going sustainability work in a broader sense than just the performance of our products, which we are very proud of, and which pride our customers too.”

EcoVadis’ yearly assessments serve as the perfect base for companies to measure their work within sustainability as well as benchmark towards other companies. According to Anna Palminger, the Chief Sustainability Officer of Ecolean, “Our continuous improvements, both in policies, activities, and reporting, have earned us some extra points since last year, placing us once again in the top one percent of all 100,000 companies.”

During 2023, Ecolean improved its score to 82 in total, from 75 in 2022, out of 100 as maximum, by improving its performance in the areas of Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

Ecolean has always focused on providing innovative packaging solutions with a low environmental footprint, high food safety credentials, and consumer convenience. The company was established in Sweden in 1996 and has commercial activities in over 20 countries, with a strong focus on Asian markets. The largest markets for Ecolean are China, Pakistan, and Vietnam. The company has 500 employees.

In conclusion, Ecolean’s continuous and dedicated sustainability work has once again been recognized, proving its commitment to sustainable development practices. The company’s high EcoVadis rating serves as a benchmark for other companies to improve their sustainability performance, and their unique packaging system sets a great example for the FMCG food industry.

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