Innovating with Heart: How LOEUL & PIRIOT is Transforming Rabbit Breeding

May 20, 2024

Exclusive Interview with Flora Derouineau, Marketing and Communications Manager at LOEUL & PIRIOT

In agribusiness, standing out requires more than just excellent products; it demands innovation, sustainability, and a genuine commitment to animal welfare. Flora Derouineau, the dynamic Marketing and Communications Manager at LOEUL & PIRIOT, shares insights into their journey of transforming rabbit breeding practices, earning prestigious awards, and meeting consumer expectations.

You participated in SIAL Paris in 2018. How was the experience for you?

It was fantastic! We had a great show, especially since we won a SIAL Innovation prize for our ‘2 Responsible Breeders rabbit legs’ product. The recognition was truly rewarding.

Did the SIAL Innovation award have any impact on your company?

Absolutely! Winning the SIAL Innovation award was a game-changer for us. It’s an excellent communication tool that boosted our visibility. Plus, it motivated us to push further in our commitment to animal welfare. The award also acknowledged the hard work of everyone involved in the rabbit industry, particularly the breeders.

What do you think contributes to the success of your brand?

Our success is rooted in our commitment to creating a sustainable and ethical product. Back in 2009, we strengthened our partnerships with breeders, industry players, and animal protection NGOs, launching our “Responsible Breeders” initiative. This initiative set new standards in the industry, with our partner breeders adhering to strict guidelines that often surpass current regulations.

Our approach is holistic, focusing on continuous improvement in animal welfare and environmental, economic, and social concerns. Here are some key aspects of our commitment:

Housing: We provide spacious enclosures with mezzanine floors and enrichment tools to promote natural behaviors, giving rabbits a more comfortable and stimulating environment.

Density: By maintaining low-density environments, we ensure each animal has ample space, significantly improving their quality of life.

Feed: Our rabbits enjoy a balanced diet made entirely from plants, vitamins, and minerals, including alfalfa, cereals, and linseed. We are dedicated to GMO-free feed (<0.9%) and adhere to the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur approach for better nutritional value.

Local Collection: To reduce transportation impact and ensure freshness, 90% of our farms are located within three hours of our processing site.

These initiatives have not only set us apart but also allowed us to build a brand that consumers trust and love.

Did you adjust your communication or marketing strategy after winning the award?

We definitely did! We aimed to align even more closely with consumers’ growing expectations for social responsibility. It gave us a platform to highlight our commitment to sustainable practices.

Have there been any changes to your business model since then?

Yes, there have been. We transitioned from the Les Eleveurs Responsables brand to the Lapin & Bien brand, which offers better value. Our ‘2 legs of Lapin & Bien rabbit’ product was featured in SIAL Innovation 2020. This brand promotes sustainable rabbit breeding, moving away from traditional cages to large enclosures that allow natural behavior. It’s a collective effort to improve animal welfare, benefiting animals, breeders, and consumers alike.


Reflecting on SIAL Paris, what stands out the most from your experience?

SIAL Paris is an incredible platform for showcasing our brands and products. It’s a vibrant meeting point for professionals, including current customers and potential new clients from around the world. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the industry

SIAL Innovation provides an unparalleled platform to showcase pioneering solutions to an international audience comprised of key industry stakeholders and decision-makers. Whether your enterprise is emerging or established, engaging with SIAL Innovation can enhance your brand’s profile. It offers exposure and networking opportunities, enabling the transformation of innovative ideas into leading market solutions. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique occasion to present your innovations and potentially script your own success story at SIAL Innovation 2024.

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