From Convenience to Sustainability: Why Meal Kits Are Winning Over Gen Z and Millennials

July 13, 2023

Meal kits are experiencing a surge in popularity, particularly among young adults, according to recent consumer research. The study by Culinary Visions indicates that 49% of individuals aged 18-34 now incorporate meal kits into their weekly grocery routines. Young adults are drawn to meal kits due to factors such as convenience, value, experience, and sustainability, according to a spokesperson from Blue Apron.

The research, conducted in March and encompassing over 2,000 U.S. consumers, also unveiled that 91% of respondents enjoy cooking at home, with 76% considering themselves adventurous eaters. This suggests that meal kits offer an appealing opportunity for young adults to explore new culinary horizons while benefiting from the convenience of pre-portioned ingredients.

Although meal kits gained popularity in Europe 15 years ago, they found their footing in the U.S. market a decade ago. Recent months have seen marketers revamp meal kits to cater to cost-conscious consumers, a timely response to rising inflation rates.

Notably, meal kits are no longer limited to higher-income households but are gaining broader appeal, according to Sharon Olson, Executive Director of Culinary Visions. The study reveals that 72% of respondents aged 18-34 and 65% of those aged 35-54 express interest in meal kits tailored to meet their specific dietary needs.

In an interesting development, the research also indicates that 71% of consumers are intrigued by the idea of purchasing a box of ingredients and prepared sauces from restaurants to enjoy at home. This “retail food boutique” concept is becoming increasingly prevalent, providing consumers with more choices akin to traditional meal kits.

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