October 12, 2022

Puris, an early and innovator of plant-based food systems, has launched its first consumer brand AcreMade. Promising a better plant-based egg, the product is easy to use, nutritious and free from the top nine allergens.

AcreMade says it is ushering in a new era of plant-based eggs with delicious healthy products, unlocking what is described as “a world of potential for a vegan diet”. AcreMade developed an egg substitute made from Puris’ star ingredient — yellow field peas. The ingredient is made from nutritious and planet-friendly pulses and satisfies hunger while fuelling a regenerative food system at the same time.

According to a recent analysis by Fact.MR, sales of vegan eggs accounted for $1.5 billion (€1.55bn) in 2021 and are expected to reach a value of close to $3.3 billion in the next decade with a high CAGR of 8.3% through 2031. AcreMade plans to support this growth using the foundation of Puris’ scaled-protein supply.

AcreMade is debuting its Plant-Based Egg Substitute, a shelf-stable powder which it says is perfect for scrambling or baking. A ‘game-changer’ for breakfast scramblers, quiches, and cookies alike, Substitute is available for purchase at AcreMade.com in a case of eight, 4.9 oz bags equivalent to a total 96 servings, for $54.99. Additionally, the brand uses Upcycled Certified pea starch, a new certification that recognises brands that put previously unused ingredients to work, which decreases waste while improving sustainability metrics.

The brand has a strong innovation pipeline and will launch additional products in 2023 in frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable formats that address customer needs across retail, foodservice, and ingredient applications. It is also the only brand to use yellow field peas as the main protein source in its plant-based egg product.

Peas benefit each link in the food chain by building soil health and unlock more possibilities within plant-based food by requiring few resources to grow, all while delivering high nutritional content to eaters. Its Substitute product is also comparable to traditional eggs from a nutrition standpoint — with AcreMade containing 5g of protein per serving and 0 mg of cholesterol.

AcreMade by Puris
AcreMade products are comparable to traditional eggs from a nutritional standpoint | Credit: Coffeefy Workafe

“We’re thrilled to be launching AcreMade as our first direct to consumer brand,” said Nicole Atchison, CEO of AcreMade and Puris Holdings. “From seed to shelf, grower to finished product, Puris has the capability, network and resources to uniquely improve the food journey, and create products that consumers love. AcreMade is another step towards healthier choices for people, practices that are safe for soil and animals, and a food supply ready to feed a growing planet.”

The consumer brand is suitable for plant-based home cooking, allergy households, ethical vegans, environmental stewards, and just plant-curious customers.

AcreMade promises:

  • Better sourcing: Peas sourced from domestic growers and not shipped overseas
  • GMOs: AcreMade only purchases non- GMO peas of a patented variety
  • Allergens: Products are made without any of the top eight allergens
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint: Plant based-food has a smaller footprint than their animal counterparts, with peas among the crops with the smallest environmental impact

With a goal of building a plant-strong planet, Puris is enabling plant-based foods to be a bigger part of the plate by developing food that people can continuously enjoy — products that are grown, processed and packaged in the US and accessible to all.

Puris is pursuing plant-based protein alternatives that are more sustainable and scalable. Both of these standards are critical needs for the world’s population moving forward. By providing nutritionally equivalent alternatives to favourite foods made with only sustainable ingredients, the Puris approach feeds health, happiness, and peace of mind. For more than three decades, Puris has worked to accomplish this mission by creating an end-to-end food system. The company is the engine behind the growth of the plant-based industry, reshaping the entire food system every step of the way.

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