SIAL India was a huge success with more than 8,500 attendees

March 29, 2024

SIAL India, held in December 2023, proved to be a major success with more than 280 exhibitors from over 30 countries at the event, which was co-located with Vinexpo India.

Setting new records, SIAL India saw more than 2000 trend-setting food and beverage products on display to the more than 8,500 attendees at Yashobhoomi (the India International Convention and Expo Centre) in Dwarka, New Delhi.

Ideas were just as much a part of the three-day event as products, as there were lively discussions on topics such as how to preserve local culinary traditions while embracing innovation and the best of global tastes.

More than 3,500 business meetings were held during the event, which ran from 7th to 9th December and, as part of Vinexpo, 15 back-to-back master classes were scheduled.

There were multiple live cookery demonstrations from well-known chefs including Narender Singh Latwal, Nishant Choubey and Parvinder Bali, with a full timetable of shows over the three days. The SIAL Innovation Awards celebrated breakthrough products, with the Kimchi Witch Salad Powder from Thebab Company of South Korea scooping up gold.

The silver award went to another South Korean company, CSF Corporation, who were recognised for their You and I Kombucha, while Purandar Highlands and the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority of India were given the bronze award for a fig juice.

SIAL India was a huge success with more than 8,500 attendees

The event was opened by Janusz Wojciechowski, the EU agriculture commissioner, and Anita Praveen, the secretary of India’s Ministry of Food Processing Industries. Image credit: SIAL India

India’s Ministry of Food Processing Industries supported SIAL India and its pavilion showcased products from 44 companies that are part of schemes run by the ministry.

An especially notable feature was the involvement of the European Union, which was the Region of Honour. The EU led and curated conference sessions on subjects ranging from sustainability to regulatory standards, with the professionals who attended gaining valuable insights from the discussions.

The EU brought a more than 50-strong delegation that included Janusz Wojciechowski, the agriculture commissioner.

Organisers said that the EU’s involvement demonstrated at SIAL India the 27-member bloc’s “commitment to excellence and sustainability”.

Mr Wojciechowski was one of a number of high-level officials at SIAL India and Vinexpo India, with others including Anita Praveen, the secretary of India’s Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

She helped to inaugurate the event along with Mr Wojciechowski and Abhishek Dev, who chairs India’s Agricultural and Processed Foods Products Export Development Authority. The three officials cut a ribbon at the start of the event.

SIAL India was a huge success with more than 8,500 attendees

Many countries were represented at SIAL India. Image credit: SIAL India

More than 20 ambassadors attended and there were representatives of more than 30 embassies in total.

“The presence of these diplomats not only highlighted the diplomatic importance of the event but also provided a unique platform for cross-cultural exchange, nurturing a sense of unity and collaboration among nations with shared interests in the agri-food sector,” organisers said.

“In essence, the inauguration ceremony was a confluence of global leaders and diplomats, setting a tone of unity and shared purpose that resonated throughout SIAL India and Vinexpo India 2023.”

Among the many nations showcasing products were Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkiye, Thailand and the United States.

The wide array of countries taking part ensured that a rich tapestry of culinary traditions were on display, along with many technological innovations.

“These countries not only presented cutting-edge products but also shared insights into their unique approaches to addressing challenges in the food and beverage industry,” organisers said.

“By providing a glimpse into the future of the food and beverage industry, SIAL India and Vinexpo India 2023 not only celebrated the present state of the sector but also laid the groundwork for a dynamic and interconnected future where international collaboration propels the industry forward.”

The event overall had an “overwhelming response”, organisers said, and excitement is already building for the next edition, which takes place from 5th to 7th December at the same location.

Main image credit: SIAL India

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