SIAL Paris 2024: Navigating the future of the savoury grocery industry

April 3, 2024

As the food industry undergoes continuous evolution, SIAL Paris asserts itself as the leading international platform for brands aiming to enhance their profile and broaden their market reach within the savoury grocery sector.

Enabling key industry connections

SIAL Paris is celebrated for its capacity to act as a facilitator of crucial meetings, with 89% of its participants holding decision-making or influential roles within their respective organisations. This positions the event as an essential marketplace for interacting with important industry figures, including buyers from mass retail, importers, wholesalers, distributors, and those in the hospitality sector. The chance to engage with such a varied and influential group underscores SIAL Paris’s significance in cultivating valuable business relationships.

Source of innovation and trends

The SIAL Innovation area serves as a source of inspiration, revealing the latest trends and showcasing nearly 2,000 innovations within the savoury grocery sector. Exhibitors are invited to enter the SIAL Innovation Awards, a distinguished contest that greatly increases the visibility of products on the international stage. In 2022, 133 savoury grocery products were featured, drawing the attention of more than 50% of journalists and 33% of attendees, demonstrating the event’s role in spotlighting industry innovations.

A launchpad for international success

SIAL Paris extends beyond a platform for domestic growth to become the largest global export platform for the savoury grocery sector. With 70% of visitors coming from abroad, representing over 200 countries, and the attendance of all major French distributors, SIAL Paris offers exhibitors an unparalleled opportunity to enter international markets, including Europe, Asia, and the USA. This makes the show an ideal springboard for brands eager to expand their operations worldwide.

Maximising visibility and return on investment

The event’s structure gathers a broad community of food sector professionals, offering exhibitors prime promotional chances to secure media coverage and exceptional visibility among their target audiences. As the entire community gathers in Paris for five days, SIAL stands as a potent media channel that delivers genuine return on investment and the opportunity to acquire qualified sales leads.

The savoury grocery products sector at SIAL Paris

SIAL Paris encompasses a wide array of categories within the savoury grocery sector, including canned food, sauces and condiments, starches, world foods, and delicatessen. The 2022 edition welcomed 2,200 exhibitors, 92% of whom were from outside France, presenting their savoury product ranges to an engaged and diverse audience.

With the global market for savoury grocery products valued at approximately 230 billion euros and anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% between 2022 and 2030, SIAL Paris is leading the way in industry trends. The event not only underscores the increasing demand for healthy and natural ingredients but also highlights rapidly growing segments like nuts and seeds, which are expected to experience the fastest growth with a CAGR of 5.9%.

Photo credit: Franki Chamaki for Unsplash

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