Celebrities team up with Silk Almondmilk on new acoustic concert series

March 29, 2023

Silk is excited to introduce the Silk Almondmilk Tiny Kitchen Concerts highlighting intimate, acoustic performances from the next generation of up-and-coming artists – Daniel Seavey, Brittney Spencer, Jordy and Ogi.

The singers are showcasing their favourite ways to enjoy their breakfast with Silk Almondmilk as they team up with Silk Almondmilk with a new acoustic concert series.

Silk has been in tune with consumers’ great taste in milk and music for years – having previously created new lyrics to a famous Daft Punk song with their Milk of the Land campaign. Now, these concerts will draw on cultural inspiration to celebrate the next generation of milk drinkers, giving plant-based beverages the stage they deserve.

Silk knows that many people are skeptical of plant-based options and recognises that consumers are looking for great tasting food and beverages to incorporate into their daily routines. Specifically, Millennials and Gen Z are adding more plant-based foods and beverages to their lifestyles every day.

As the number one plant-based brand, it’s important for Silk company to provide the next generation with the great-tasting products they’re looking for. Almondmilk continues to be the first product consumers purchase when incorporating more plant-based options into their lifestyles, despite the variety of beverages available on shelves.

Silk Almondmilk – now available with a new look and same great taste consumers love – has a smooth and creamy texture, delicious taste, and is the ultimate alternative for consumers looking to remix their breakfast routine.

“I love using Silk Almondmilk in my cereal every morning,” said pop star Daniel Seavey. “Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and Silk Almondmilk is always in my fridge, so partnering with Silk for the Tiny Kitchen Concerts was a natural fit.”

Country music’s sought-after singer-songwriter Brittney Spencer is thrilled to be partnering with Silk. “I’ve loved Silk Almondmilk since my days working at the juice bar. I still enjoy those recipes at home, using Silk Vanilla Almondmilk as a base for my favorite smoothies. Being a part of the Silk Almondmilk Tiny Kitchen Concerts was the perfect opportunity to try some new sounds and share a tasty recipe at the same time,” said Spencer.

Silk knows Jordy is no stranger to a good remix—he even shared, “I’m constantly testing new sounds and remixing classic hits. I find inspiration in everything—the kitchen is no exception! It’s been fun trying delicious new spins on my favourite breakfast recipes with Silk Almondmilk.”

“Adding more plant-based options into my diet helps me feel my best, especially when I’m touring and performing,” said R&B artist Ogi. “Silk Almondmilk provides a seriously smooth and delicious plant-based start to my morning.”

“We’ve created the Silk Almondmilk Tiny Kitchen Concerts to show how easy it is for milk drinkers to remix their morning breakfast,” said Leora Kelley, Director of Silk Beverages. “As the #1 plant-based brand, Silk sets the stage with delicious plant-based beverages that everyone will enjoy. We have partnered with the next generation of top musicians to spotlight the incredible taste of Silk Almondmilk. We can’t wait for everyone to discover their new favorite artists and their new favorite recipes.”

Beginning March 28, 2023, consumers can tune into the Silk YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram channels and each artist’s TikTok channel to enjoy the Silk Almondmilk Tiny Kitchen Concerts. Fans can join in on the fun by showing us how they remix their favorite breakfast recipes with Silk Almondmilk on TikTok or Instagram for a chance to win Silk Almondmilk for the year and a 12-month membership to your favorite music streaming platform. Learn more here.

Silk Almondmilk is available in a variety of flavors, including Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate, as well as Unsweet, Extra Creamy, and Organic options. Find them at retailers nationwide including Walmart, Kroger, Albertson’s, Safeway, Target and more. For more information on where to buy, visit the store locator at Silk.com.

Consumers can learn more about the Silk Almondmilk Tiny Kitchen Concerts by visiting @LoveMySilk on TikTok, The Silk Channel on YouTube, and @Silk on Instagram. You can also visit these amazing artists’ TikTok channels: Daniel Seavey, Brittney Spencer, Jordy and Ogi.

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