Silk’s feel planty good challenge: A plant-powered start to the day

January 23, 2024

As January unfolds, Silk, America’s leading plant-based brand, introduces the Feel Planty Good Challenge, an initiative designed to encourage healthier breakfast habits.

The challenge revolves around committing to seven days of plant-based breakfasts, with the added incentive of winning free breakfast for life.

Silk has collaborated with a host of celebrities and influencers. Each has created unique Silk smoothie recipes, showcasing the versatility and appeal of plant-based ingredients. Participants are encouraged to pledge a week of Silk-infused breakfasts and enter the competition on, with six winners receiving free breakfast for a year.

Silk's feel planty good challenge: A plant-powered start to the day

Credit: Elements-Unsplash

Star-studded recipes and nutritional benefits

The Feel Planty Good Challenge is not just about winning prizes; it’s a journey towards discovering the nutritional benefits of plant-based diets according to the brand. Silk’s Almondmilk, a key ingredient in the challenge, is rich in vitamins and minerals which the brand claims “provides an excellent start to the day”. The challenge features a range of smoothie recipes tailored by the celebrity team, each bringing their unique twist to plant-based breakfasts.

Expanding plant-based horizons beyond smoothies

Silk’s initiative extends beyond smoothies, partnering with Trace’s Oats and Feel Good Foodie to provide a diverse range of plant-based breakfast ideas. From morning oats to pancakes, the challenge aims to break the monotony of typical breakfast routines with nutritious and delicious alternatives. Silk’s product range, including Almondmilk, Protein Almondmilk, and Oatmilk, is designed to cater to various preferences and dietary needs, all while offering more calcium than dairy milk.

Credit: Unsplash

Participants can download the Feel Planty Good Challenge recipe list and a Silk coupon from to start their plant-based journey. Silk encourages sharing of breakfast creations on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, using the hashtag #FeelPlantyGood, for a chance to be featured on Silk’s channels.

Top image credit: Danone- Silk

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