Tips for a Sustainable Easter Celebration

April 6, 2023

As Easter approaches, Recycle Now and Love Food Hate Waste, part of climate action NGO WRAP, have shared their top tips for reducing waste. By following these tips, you can enjoy a fantastic Easter while also doing your part for the planet

One of the key tips shared by the campaign is to recycle as much as possible, including Easter egg foil and packaging. The foil wrapped around most Easter eggs can be recycled by scrunching it into a loose ball and placing it in your regular recycling bin. Similarly, cardboard boxes and some plastic trays from chocolate eggs can also be recycled through kerbside collections.

When it comes to food waste, the campaigns suggest using freezer as a pause button. By freezing leftovers, you can extend their lifespan and save them from ending up in the bin. This not only locks in freshness and preserves quality and flavour, but it’s also perfectly safe when defrosted correctly.

In addition to these tips, the campaigns also suggest composting flowers past their prime and being mindful of plastic wrapping and wrapping paper. While cellophane wrapping is not widely recycled at kerbside, over 6,000 supermarkets across the UK now accept plastics bags and wrapping for recycling. Meanwhile, most wrapping paper can be recycled at kerbside as long as it’s not foil or covered in glitter and passes the “scrunch test.”

By following these tips, the population helps reduce waste and enjoy a more sustainable celebration. For more details and specific instructions, check out the campaigns’ resources, “Seven Ways to Recycle at Easter” from Recycle Now and “What to Do with Your Easter Leftovers” from Love Food Hate Waste.

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