Treehouse Naturals: A pecan milk expanding the plant-based milk industry

June 29, 2023

Treehouse Naturals, one of the first plant-based milk businesses in the Southeast, is making waves in the industry with its growth on a national scale

With its innovative line of canned pecan milks, Treehouse is introducing a new generation of conscious, responsible plant-based milk to a wider audience. Treehouse Naturals’ ready-to-drink Original and Chocolate Pecan milks stay true to their original, simple, handmade recipes.

With minimal additives and sweetened using low-glycemic and natural sweeteners like honey and agave, these pecan milks set themselves apart from the competition.

Notably, Treehouse’s pecan milks contain more protein and fewer ingredients than other major pecan milk manufacturers.

The Power of Pecans

Pecans, known as the super nut, offer remarkable health benefits. Rich in heart-healthy fats and packed with more antioxidants than any other nut, pecans are a nutritional powerhouse. Being native to North America and grown naturally throughout the Southern US, pecans are not only delicious but also environmentally sustainable. Compared to water-intensive almonds, they require less water, making them an ideal ingredient for plant-based milk.

Sustainable Packaging

Treehouse Naturals, known for their nostalgic, reusable glass jars, made a thoughtful shift to aluminum cans. By embracing this packaging change, the company aims to improve distribution, meet growing demand, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Aluminum cans are an eco-friendly option, ensuring that Treehouse meets the challenge of climate uncertainty head-on. This transition also adds a new level of convenience and fun to the experience of enjoying plant-based drinks.

A Versatile and Healthy Option

Treehouse’s pecan milk is not only a creamy and flavourful addition to coffee and tea but also a healthful treat in its own right.

Whether as a post-workout drink, afternoon snack, or a kid-friendly beverage, Treehouse Naturals Pecanmilk provides a clean label, hydrating, and delicious alternative.

With a commitment to using natural ingredients, Treehouse offers consumers a guilt-free choice for indulging in a satisfying plant-based drink.

Availability and Environmental Initiatives

Treehouse Naturals Pecanmilk can be found in independent retailers nationwide, including well-known establishments like Pop Up Grocer in New York. Additionally, the company’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products.

For every order placed on their website, Treehouse plants a tree, actively contributing to reforestation efforts. Furthermore, they are diligently working towards achieving carbon neutrality by evaluating and optimizing their operational practices.

To conclude, Treehouse Naturals is revolutionising the plant-based milk industry with its innovative pecanmilk offerings.

Rooted in Atlanta and expanding nationally, the company combines taste, sustainability, and health benefits to provide a unique and satisfying plant-based milk experience. As Treehouse continues to grow, it remains committed to its mission of offering delicious, responsibly sourced products that contribute positively to the planet.

With Treehouse Naturals Pecanmilk, consumers can enjoy a flavorful, nutritious, and environmentally conscious choice.

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