SHOwP shopping platform joins up with SIAL Paris 2023 in exciting new partnership

June 30, 2023

Exhibitors taking part in this year’s SIAL Paris trade show will be able to access SHOwP, a digital showcase networking tool and marketplace which is all accessible via one single platform, according to organisers

Brands showing their wares will be able to present their product catalogue on the SHOwP platform to attract visitors who are preparing to come to the show, but they can also sell thanks to the transactional functionality. Each brand will have its own “shop” space.

In addition, both exhibitors and visitors can get in touch and make an appointment using the networking feature to stay connected and pursue business.

In addition, visitors will be able to discover the latest news from the brands they are interested in, but also place orders with brands registered as sellers and complete the transaction directly on the platform in a few clicks.

Unique concentration of physical and digital know-how

The SHOwP aims to offer all the advantages of both physical and digital services to support its customers and enable them to improve their business.

Composed of experts in physical commerce, events and e-commerce, it is not just an algorithm but also boasts a dedicated team and personalised support.

Before, during and after the show, THE SHOwP extends the relationship between sellers and buyers. Recommendations include personal shopping mode, networking, order taking and transactions with a team available to support each client throughout their business experience when using the platform.

Who is THE SHOwP for?


  • THE SHOwP allows brands to maximise their visibility with qualified buyers, develop their sales and accelerate their wholesale business
  • Configure and personalise a product showcase, keep an eye on your data, contracts, stocks, transactions and manage your activity


  • Visitors will have access to thousands of products via this single platform
  • Users can browse the products of interest to them, discover new brands and follow trends, place orders for immediate or long-term delivery
  • Benefit from payment terms to pay for orders within 30 days, subject to eligibility
  • Users will also be able to get quick access to badges to get to our next events

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