ZALG’s Journey at SIAL Paris 2022

February 27, 2024

How a newcomer’s seaweed innovation captured the spotlight and forged lasting industry relationships

The SIAL newsroom spoke with ZALG co-founders Tanguy Gestin and Vincent Lacaze about their journey from R&D to showcasing their innovative approach at one of the food industry’s largest expos.

ZALG's Journey at SIAL Paris 2022

You took part in SIAL Paris in 2022. How did you find the experience?

SIAL 2022 was our first international trade show as exhibitors. We were very excited about the opportunity to present our new product to industry professionals after more than 18 months of R&D. The trade show was a chance for valuable encounters. We have established lasting relationships with numerous partners since the event.

What was the “SIAL Innovation” effect for ZALG?

The impact of the SIAL Innovation was felt immediately. We introduced our initial product quite anonymously. However, following the announcement that we had won the Gold Innovation Award, we were inundated with inquiries from a host of major national and international media outlets, including niche press. This unexpected spotlight shone a light on our craftsmanship and expertise.

What do you believe has contributed to your brand’s success?

Our success can be attributed to introducing a novel consumption concept centred around a product with notable benefits that remains relatively obscure in the West: seaweed. Seaweed represents the epitome of sustainable food sources, packed with nutritional value and offering a distinctive plant-based flavour profile. Our aim is to make these benefits widely accessible through enticing and nutritious products.

Has your business model evolved?

Our mission to integrate seaweed into everyday dietary habits has not wavered. Innovation lies at the core of our growth strategy, as we persist in developing and introducing new, appealing, healthy, and convenient seaweed-based consumption formats to the market.

Reflecting on your SIAL Paris experience, what stands out to you?

The 2022 edition significantly altered the course of our company, enhancing our visibility within the French and European agro-food landscape and cementing our expertise. We are looking forward to participating again this year, armed with new innovations.

Photo credits: ZALG

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