Discovering global food trends with SIAL Insights 2024

July 5, 2024

Visitors are invited to dive into the future of the food industry with SIAL Insights 2024. This comprehensive report, developed in collaboration with experts such as Kantar, ProtéinesXTC and Circana, highlights the profound transformations shaping the global food and foodservice sector.

Against a backdrop of supply disruptions and rising living costs, SIAL Insights 2024 provides an analysis of current trends and future challenges. The report explores how consumers and professionals are adapting and innovating to move towards a more sustainable and responsible food industry.

Key themes include increasing connectivity through food, where food is becoming a vehicle for social and cultural connection. The report also highlights the rise of responsible choices, with an increased focus on health and sustainability. In addition, SIAL Insights 2024 explores technological advances in food, offering a glimpse of the innovations that will shape the future.

Celebrating 60 years of innovation and passion, SIAL Paris continues to be a key platform for the food industry. The show offers the perfect opportunity to connect with industry leaders, take part in inspiring discussions, and discover the latest innovations.

To find out more and seize the opportunities influencing the future of food, visitors can download SIAL Insights 2024 and join SIAL Paris 2024 so as not to miss this unique opportunity to be at the heart of global food innovation and have an impact within this vital sector.

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