New SIAL Innovation Public Prize 2022 gives audience chance to have their say

September 30, 2022

In a bid to give the floor to its various audiences, SIAL has this year launched a new category of SIAL Innovation – the Public Prize.

This public prize allows people to choose their favourite product among the winners of SIAL Innovation 2022, a competition designed to honor those who are shaping the plates of tomorrow’s consumers.

A number of products were selected in Septembre by a jury comprising of independent experts from the global industry for different food categories. The jury, which brings together show organisers, business leaders and journalists, looks at each of the products’ innovative qualities, even if they have not yet been finalised and are still between the testing and launch phase.

They also examine what new benefits the product may bring to consumers or to the industry, such as merchandising, packaging, recipe, technology, etc. Only those considered to be the most innovative are rewarded with first-prizes by the jury, whose decision is final.

This year however, the public will also be able to have its say by selecting which of the category winners deserves the Public Prize. Members of the public can can vote here to support the product which they consider to be the most innovative.

All you need to know:

  • The vote concerns the winners of SIAL Innovation 2022 exclusively
  • People can only vote once
  • Voting will close on October 14 at 10 am
  • We will soon have the link to the online vote, which I will send to you

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