October 16, 2022

Sienna & Friends re-invents baby food for all cooking parents

Belgian start-up Sienna & Friends has developed a range of organic culinary aids, specially designed to help parents cook for their babies with as many flavours as possible, as early as possible and so learn them good eating habits since their first bites


They propose spicemixes, vegetable sauces, curries, spreads, porridge, healthy snacks, pasta…. But also, tons of recipes, guidance and inspiration.

Flavourful home-cooking contributes to the nutrition education of little ones and stimulates a healthy relationship with food. In the long run it will help create a healthier and more sustainable world for the generations to come, the company says.

The brand’s mission is to help & stimulate parents to cook healthy & tasty meals, for the whole family, adapted to the needs of babies from 6months+. They do so by introducing as many flavours, textures and colours as possible during «the gastronomical golden age». That is the period between six months and three years, when children are most receptive to new tastes, Sienna & Friends says. Everything a child learns to love at that age will most likely stay on his menu for the rest of their lives. 

Aurélie comments: « We help babies to truly enjoy all kinds of flavours, not just sweet and salty. We do this by helping parents to cook for their babies with as many flavours as possible. By the time salt & sugar enter the taste arena, these babies are less impressed because their taste buds and palate are already accustomed to complex flavours. They have learned to enjoy and yearn for healthy flavours. The exposure to a variety of herbs and spices, to real ingredients and to the experience of cooking works as a natural armor against salt & sugar.” 

The brand has a focus on nutrition education (teaching kids the language of taste and good eating habits). This includes:
• Cooking at home
• Exposure to real food and ingredients
• Sharing meals as a family
• Stimulating palate development.

«This is important,» adds Aurélie, «as it will not only prepare their taste buds for the variety of flavours they will eat later in life but also guard them against their first exposure to salt and sugar. And like learning a language, the younger you start, the easier it is!»

Many young parents lack time, inspiration and knowledge when it comes to cooking. Hence Sienna & Friends has made it their goal:
• To encourage young parents to cook at home by making it easier for them.
• To help develop their babies’ palates (with herbs and spices)
• To ensure their baby enjoys not only a healthy but also, and most importantly, a tasty meal. Only then, will little ones continue to make to right choice later in life.

The company is offering a wide range of products, which have been specially designed to accompany all meals, including mixtures of herbs and spices, vegetable sauces, tapenades, porridge, healthy snacks etc. These, the company says, have been specially adapted to meet the babies’ needs.

Visitors can find out more at the Sienna & Friends stand L251 in Hall 5B or on the company’s website siennafriends.com

Sienna & Friends re-invents baby food for all cooking parents

Developing Babies’ palates during their gastronomical golden age

On a mission to help time-poor parents cook healthy, flavoursome food for their little ones, Sienna & Friends’ has developed a range of spice mixes, vegetable sauces, spreads, porridges and healthy snacks all specially-designed to expose children to a wide variety of flavours when they are most receptive to trying them, or during what the brand calls, “the gastronomical golden age”. Sienna & Friends aims to contribute to nutrition education of little ones, by stimulating a healthy relationship with food, and helping them avoid salt and sugar.

Sienna & Friends re-invents baby food for all cooking parents