October 16, 2022

SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Special Awards

The winners of the much-awaited gold, silver, and bronze prizes, as well as the special Own The Change and Public Award prizes, have been revealed at the official 2022 SIAL Innovation awards ceremony.

Gold Award
Winner: IO’Dés, by Zalg
Product Sector Award: Frozen Products
Frozen seaweed ready to sauté for a crispy texture, made with Breton micro-algae rich in iodine fibre and minerals
Country: France
Selected for: Easy-to-use, delicious, healthy, practical, fair-trade

Hall 5A, Stand M074
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Silver Award
Winner: 100% Fresh Frozen Wolffia, by Thai Coconut Public Company Limited
Product Sector Award: Fruits & Vegetables
Frozen watermeal rich in plant-based protean, rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins
Country: Thailand
Selected for: Easy to cultivate, excellent plant-based protein source

Hall 5B, Stand N119
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Bronze Award
Winner: Maté Taragüi First Experience Kit, by Establecimiento Las Marias
Product Sector Award: Non-alcoholic Beverages
A kit for preparing yerba maté – a source of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamin B and minerals
Country: Argentina
Selected for: An educative initiation kit for discovering yerba maté

Hall 5C, Stand F059
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

NEW: Public Prize, voted by industry professionals online
Winner: La Truitelle, by La Truitelle
Product Sector Award: Meat & Fish
Tinned organic mountain trout, raised and processed in France with artisanal preparation
Country: France
Selected for: Organic small tinned trouts

Hall 5A, Stand N048
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Own The Change Prize
Winner: New Plant-based Soon range, by Olga
Product Sector Award: Dairy Product Substitutes
A yogurt substitute made with French plant milk, spelt or hemp
Country: France
Selected for: its longstanding involvement in protecting the environment

SIAL Innovation, Hall 6
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Category Award Winners

Meat & Seafood Product Substitutes
Winner: Leggie Plant Base, by Leggie & Leggie Ready Meals
A clean label meat substitute made from carob and rice flour, boasting a meaty texture, rich in fibre
Country: Spain
Selected for: Carob-based nutriment-rich clean meat alternative

SIAL Innovation, Hall 6
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Alcoholic Beverages
Winner: The Empeltre One, by Oliba Green Beer
Green-coloured beer brewed with olives produced in the Pyrenees with 5% alcohol by volume
Country: Spain
Selected for: Originality of the kit

Hall 6, Stand H156
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Savoury Dry Goods
Winner: Kimchi V Kimchi Block, by Spoonkey
Lyophilised kimchi, rich in probiotics and both gluten and sugar free
Country: South Korea
Selected for: New concept of lypholised kimchi

SIAL Innovation, Hall 6
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Culinary Aids & Condiments
Winner: Tomato Crystals, by Terra Del Tuono
Small crystallised seasoning flakes that are natural, easy to use and packed in a jar with a sprinkling and pouring cap
Country: Italy
Selected for: Seasoning concept using crystallised products

Hall 5A, Stand L031
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Sweet Dry Goods
Winner: TooGood Barbe à Papa, by Triomphe snat
A sugarless cotton candy substitute with chicory fibres, both colouring and preservative free
Country: France
Selected for: Real cotton candy prepared with 90% less sugar

Hall 5A, Stand K017
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Dairy Products & Ice Cream

Winner: Chestnut Cream Ice Cream with Glazed Chestnut Chips, by Clément Faugier
A chestnut cream ice cream with chips of glazed chestnuts
Country: France
Selected for: New addition to the range of an iconic ice cream brand

Hall 5A, Stand E122
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Intermediary Food Products / Ingredients
Winner: Vegetable Collagen (H), by Rawga
Vegetable collagen extracted from hibiscus with a high antioxidant content and a high adsorption rate
Country: South Korea
Selected for: Its plant-based origin and high absorption rate

Hall 8, Stand C038
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Restaurant & Catering Products
Winner: Vegan Flavor and Taste, by Uhhmami
Flavourful organic umami seasoning, vegan, clean label
Country: Denmark
Selected for: The wide range of flavours for vegan recipes

Hall 2, Stand J055
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Equipment & Technology
Winner: Roastinstep, by FCD System
Energy-saving continuous 100% electric vertical roasting. System for the recirculation of generated hot air.
Country: France
Selected for: Continuous 100% electric roasting with closed air circuit to save energy

Hall 7, Stand E345
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Winner: Organic UHT Sterilized Semi-skimmed Cow’s Milk, by Natur’Avenir LSDH
Organic French milk in a 100% recycled and recyclable bottle, lightweight with no film seal
Country: France
Selected for: Use of 100% recycled raw materials to produce recyclable opaque PET bottle

Hall 7, Stand D025
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022

Winner: BUBBLe iT! by Bubble It Drinks
Powdered mix for sparkling beverage to reduce use of plastic, ideal to dilute in a glass BUBBLe iT! bottle
Country: France
Selected for: A kit for home-made sparkling water

Hall 6, Stand SU051
SIAL Innovation Awards 2022